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1 March 2019

Charges at Masterton District Council’s Nursery Road Transfer Station will increase slightly from today.

A $5 per tonne increase has been put in place to cover the increasing cost of disposing refuse to landfill. The increase is triggered by the landfill operator increasing its gate fees due to increasing costs of buying carbon credits under the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

The rate for general refuse is now $180 per tonne, up from $175.

Assets and Operations Manager David Hopman said the increase will have minimal impact on most users of the transfer station.

“The increase in the tonnage rate results in a very small increase of $2 or $1 for trailers and car loads respectively,” Mr Hopman said.

“We are continuing to work hard to reduce waste going to landfill; as part of this, in the next few months residents will be able to recycle more as wheelie bins are rolled out.”

Each household in urban Wairarapa will receive a 240-litre wheelie bin, increasing recycling capacity by an additional 140 litre per fortnight.

Refuse disposal price increases include:

  • General refuse rate currently $175/tonne (+GST), going up to $180.00/tonne +GST ($207.00/tonne inclusive of GST)
  • Trailer was $62 inclusive, going up to $64 inclusive
  • Van, Ute, small trailer was $49 inclusive to $50 inclusive
  • Car load was $20 increased to $21
  • Grease trap & Special waste & sawdust was $175/t increased to $180/t (+ GST)