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Masterton District Council has begun consultation on its Climate Action plan, with three different options available for people wanting to have their say on one of the most pressing issues facing our District.

A total of 118 proposed climate actions are proposed for community consultation, across nine theme areas:

  • Coordinated Regional Approach – how we take a coordinated and strategic approach to climate change in the Greater Wellington region.
  • Transport – how we move around the district using less climate-harming emissions.
  • Energy/Electricity – how we power our homes and businesses through renewable energy.
  • Water – how we adapt to increasing severe floods, droughts, storms, and changes in precipitation rates.
  • Waste and Circular Economy – how we reduce our consumption and repurpose old items.
  • Built Environment – how we design and retrofit for low-emission construction and create infrastructure that is resilient to climate impacts.
  • Natural Environment – how we protect our native biodiversity through climate solutions.
  • Agriculture and Forestry – how we promote and support a low-emission transition in the rural sector by removing local barriers to action.
  • Community Empowerment – how we ensure our plan does not increase current inequities in our district but helps build a more resilient and fair community.

Submissions can be made through the website here, in writing, or by phone – and can focus on the plan generally, the nine theme areas, or particular actions.

The plan was developed with the help of the Council’s Climate Change Focus Group, formed last year with members selected based on their diverse backgrounds, including forestry, farming, climate science, social science, government policy, mana whenua perspectives, and involvement in community initiatives.

Launching the start of consultation Mayor Lyn Patterson said the whole community should have an interest in the action plan.

“Climate change is the biggest challenge facing the planet, and it needs everyone to be involved in developing and implementing solutions – that includes everyone in our District.

“We are already feeling the effects of climate change, through longer droughts, extreme rain events, and coastal erosion. Our action plan contains nearly 120 climate actions and we need all parts of our community to be represented in views on the way forward.”

Senior Policy Advisor Climate Change Lisa McLaren said climate actions were developed with the goal of not only leading to environmental improvements, but also social benefits.

“We can take care of each other while we are taking care of our environment by becoming a low-carbon district.

“We have a real opportunity to use the transition to a low-carbon district as a chance to reduce current inequities that will be exacerbated by climate change.”

Submissions on the Climate Action Plan close on 1 August, with a hearing by the Council to consider submissions to be held on 10 August.

The Council website contains details of webinars and in-person drop-in sessions on the Action Plan to be held around the District.