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Community Events Fund

The aim of the Community Events Fund is to support exciting events that celebrate our culturally rich and diverse district. We’re looking for people that have great ideas for events that will attract people to Masterton, appeal to lots of people, and help us make a name for ourselves as an event destination. It might be a totally new idea or maybe you’re already running an event that you want to take to the next level with more funding for promotion or event management.

Some of the organisations that have received grants in the past are:

  • All Kiwi Sports Club for the International Cycle Classic
  • Masterton Motorplex Drag Racing Season
  • NZ Aerobatics Club

Masterton is a great place that deserves great events – so let’s get together and do cool creative stuff for our town.

The Community Events Fund for the 2022-23 funding year has now closed.

Please check back here in July 2023 when the next funding round opens. 

For further information about the Fund please read the Community Event Information Sheet (PDF, 957KB) 

If you received funding from the 2022 Community Events Fund, here is the 2022 Community Events Fund Accountability Form  to be completed and returned by 31 May 2023.


Kapa Haka Celebrated in Masterton

The Wairarapa Kapa Haka Festival is an annual event that provides an opportunity for all schools to take the stage and feel proud of who they are and where they are from. It provides schools with a purpose to teaching kapa haka to students and brings the community together.  Post COVID-19 a virtual Kapa Haka festival was held with nineteen schools in the district taking part. There were 23 performances involving 1,400 students, with 700 of these from our Masterton district.  Council provided funding for the videoing costs of this event.

kapa haka

Can You Apply?

We will consider applications from organisations, clubs, and individuals that:

  • Support events to be high quality.
  • Support events to grow and appeal to a wider audience.
  • Promote Masterton as an event visitor destination.
  • Create a positive image of Masterton to residents and visitors
  • Have completed the accountability form for any previous funding.

The event types that will be considered are:

  • Major events with economic benefit;
  • Local and targeted events with community benefit; and
  • Emerging events.

You will need to state which category your event falls under in your application form.

To apply to the Community Events Fund, organisations and individuals will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Applications by individuals must be co-signed by another person, who will retain equal responsibility for ensuring that the event is carried out and funds are spent appropriately.
  • Any applicants under the age of 18 must have an adult signatory (support person) on their application; on which the responsibility for the event shall fall.

Other Funding Options

ARTS: Arts groups should apply to the Masterton District Creative Communities Scheme or the Masterton Arts Fund as a first option (unless the purpose is ineligible for funding from those schemes e.g. uniforms, musical instruments, and facility development).

EDUCATION: Educational institutions or groups should apply to Lands Trust Masterton, (06) 370 0155

SPORTS: Sports-related groups should apply to Nuku Ora

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