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Recreation Trails

The Recreation Trails are a network of paths that link green space throughout Masterton. They are popular with walkers, cyclists, runners and dog owners.

The construction programme has been split into different stages. The first four stages are complete and further beautifying work is happening along the Waipoua River bank stretch. This includes native planting and the installation of furniture like solid timber benches and tables.

The paths type are mostly made out of lime. Some connections use existing pedestrian footpaths.

Where are the Recreation Trails?

The completed trails include a 1.6km path around Henley Lake, a 2km trail through and around Henley Lake Park Wetlands, a 4km trail network from Fourth Street, stretching through and connecting with Milford Downs and a trail network along the Waipoua Riverbank from Colombo Road to Akura Road, which stretches for 2.4km.

The trails completed so far connect Henley Lake Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, McJorrow Park, the Columbo Road netball courts and the Colin Pugh Sports Bowl with the River Esplanade Reserve, covering 10km in total. Future planned work includes linking McJorrow Park with River Road and a new trail between Fourth Street, Totara Street and Kitchener Street right through to Gordon Street.

Download the complete map of trails (PDF, 987KB)

Wellington Regional Trails

You can also head over to the Wellington Regional Trails website to explore over 174 different hiking, biking, walking and horse riding trails around the region. 


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