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Consultations and Engagements | Ngā whakawhitinga kōrero me te pāhekohekotanga

Part of Masterton District Council’s role is to enable democratic local decision-making in the local community – it means we set the strategic direction for the district in partnership with the local community. To do that we often need to hear your thoughts on key projects or potential changes we’re considering.

For more information about making a submission, have a look at our Submission Guide (PDF, 369KB).

Representation Review

Final proposal for representation arrangements for the 2022 local elections.

Appeals and objections on the Masterton District Council 2021 Representation Review Final Proposal close on Wednesday 15 December 2021. 


On 9 November 2021, the Masterton District Council considered the submissions received on its initial proposal regarding the representation arrangements that will apply for at least the local elections to be held on 8 October 2022. 

The Council received 57 submissions on its proposal. Council did not reject any submissions.  

Six submitters indicated that they wished to speak at the hearing for the initial proposal (of which four submitters spoke at the scheduled hearing).  

Not all submissions indicated a view or commented on all aspects of the proposal (or it was not clear to determine). Of those that did indicate a view: 

  • On its proposal to have 8 Councillors:
    • 30 submissions were in favour. 
    • 17 submissions contained objections/alternative views.  
  • On its proposal to have a mixed arrangement with a Māori Ward, General Ward and ‘At-Large’ as the basis for election:
    • 31 submissions were in favour. 
    • 19 submissions contained objections/alternative views.  
  • On its proposal to continue not to have any community boards: 
    • 37 submissions were in favour of no community boards. 
    • 9 submissions contained objections/alternative views.  
  • On the naming of Wards, Council sought suggestions from the community: 
    • 19 submitters commented on the naming of the Māori and/or General Wards.  

Final proposal

Having considered all of the submissions, the Council resolved to adopt its initial proposal as the Council’s final proposal, subject to the following amendment: 

  • The names of the Wards will be confirmed as: Masterton/Whakaoriori General Ward and Masterton/Whakaoriori Māori Ward.  

Reasons for the amendment include: 

  • The Council did not confirm ward names in the initial proposal.  
  • The Council considers that the ward names are appropriate as the name Masterton/Whakaoriori reflects the geographic area represented by these wards. 

Therefore, the final proposal is as follows: 

Council Representation

It is proposed that Council comprises eight members elected from two wards and at large, and the mayor. The community of interest is the Masterton District.

Ward/At Large  Number of Councillors:  Elected by: 
Masterton/Whakaoriori General Ward  4 Councillors  Electors district-wide on the general electoral roll 
Masterton/Whakaoriori Māori Ward  1 Councillor  Electors district-wide on the Māori electoral roll 
At Large  3 Councillors  Electors district-wide on either the general electoral roll or the Māori electoral roll 

The Mayor is elected at large.   

Community Board Representation

 It is proposed that no community boards be established.  

Appeals and objections

Any person or organisation who made a submission on the Council’s initial proposal may lodge an appeal against the Council’s decision. An appeal must relate to the matters raised in that person’s submission. 

An Objection may be lodged by any person or organisation. Your objection must clearly identify the matters that your objection relates to. 

Appeals and objections must be made in writing and must be received by Council no later than Wednesday 15 December 2021. 

Appeals and objections are to be forwarded to: 

Attention – Tania Madden (06-370-6300) 

  • Physical address – Council Office, 161 Queen Street, Masterton. 
  • Postal address – PO Box 444, Masterton 5840 
  • Email – [email protected] 

Further information

Direct any queries regarding the Council’s decision to Tania Madden (contact details above).

David Hopman
Chief Executive (Acting) 
13 November 2021 

For general feedback, please email us at [email protected]

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