Current Consultations

Part of Masterton District Council’s role is to enable democratic local decision-making in the local community – it means we set the strategic direction for the district in partnership with the local community. To do that we often need to hear your thoughts on key projects or potential changes we’re considering.

Below are the consultations we’re currently undertaking. If you would like to make a submission regarding any of the consultations listed here, please refer to the feedback details provided for each consultation and also have a look at our Submission Guide (PDF, 369KB).

Bylaw Review

Submissions are being invited on a proposed review of combined Wairarapa district-wide bylaws. Bylaws are rules made by councils that affect the way we live, work and play in certain areas. Typically, bylaws cover things such as: activity that can and can’t be done in public spaces; prevention of nuisance from fire and smoke; the keeping of animals; water supply etc. Anyone who doesn’t comply with a bylaw could be fined, have property seized or be requested to correct a breach. 

The proposed Wairarapa Consolidated Bylaw has 12 parts. Most of the proposed changes are minor. Masterton District Council is also proposing the removal of several bylaws from the consolidated bylaws, as they apply to the Masterton District only. 

A community meeting is being held at the Masterton Club on Wednesday 27th March, 6 – 7:30pm for people to share their views with elected members and staff. Submissions close on 5th April. 

You can find full copies of the bylaws with tracked changes on our dedicated bylaw review page. 

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