Current Consultations

Part of Masterton District Council’s role is to enable democratic local decision-making in the local community – it means we set the strategic direction for the district in partnership with the local community. To do that we often need to hear your thoughts on key projects or potential changes we’re considering.

Below are the consultations we’re currently undertaking. If you would like to make a submission regarding any of the consultations listed here, please refer to the feedback details provided for each consultation and also have a look at our Submission Guide (PDF, 369KB).

Every year we take a fresh look at our costs and planned spending for the coming 12 months. We already have a good idea of how our budget is looking thanks to the long-term planning we did in 2018 – this annual review lets us check everything is running to plan and make any adjustments we might need to.

This year we’re calling the plan “Making it Happen”. We’ve got some big ideas, and we’ve been preparing for some big projects. In the next 12 months we’re going to make them a reality.

But first, we need your thoughts. There are three key projects we need your opinion on before we can confirm our plan for the year ahead (2020-21), these are the future of the Town Hall, managing water in Henley Lake and the Skatepark Revamp. This year we also have some great prizes you can win when you make a submission. We have lots of supporting information to help you decide what you would like to see for Masterton’s future.

Submissions close Monday, 20 April 2020.

Speed Review

We’re reviewing our speed limits. We want to make Masterton’s roads safer for all users and improve the roading network. This review is about ensuring that our speed limits are appropriate for the type of roads across our roading network. It’s also about making our roads safer for all users. The national speed limit rule allows councils to review, propose and set speed limits for its local roads – not state highways. This includes permanent, holiday and variable speed limits.

The 2017 Speed Management Rule is about:

• giving effect to a nationally consistent and evidence-based approach to speed management
• providing a mechanism for councils to set speed limits for roads in their jurisdictions
• requiring councils, when reviewing speed limits, to decide which speed limit is safe and appropriate for a road
• encouraging councils to prioritise the review of roads where achieving travel speeds that are safe and appropriate is likely to deliver the highest benefits.

We are taking a staged approach for the speed limit review. Stage 1 focuses on the following areas:

• speed around schools
• speed in areas with high numbers of vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists.
• speed limit changes relating to growth and changes in land use.

This work will be followed by a 2020-21 stage 2 regional speed limit review, to be jointly undertaken by the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA), the three Wairarapa District Councils, and the Wairarapa Road Safety Council.

Submissions close Monday, 20 April 2020.

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