Annual Plan 2020-21: Making It Happen

Every year we take a fresh look at our costs and planned spending for the coming 12 months. We already have a good idea of how our budget is looking thanks to the long-term planning we did in 2018 – this annual review lets us check everything is running to plan and make any adjustments we might need to.

This year we’re calling the plan “Making it Happen”. We’ve got some big ideas, and we’ve been preparing for some big projects. In the next 12 months we’re going to make them a reality.

But first, we need your thoughts. There are three key projects we need your opinion on before we can confirm our plan for the year ahead (2020-21).

Civic Centre

Investing in a shared, multi-purpose facility

The Town Hall was closed in June 2016 and cannot be repaired. We know most of Masterton wants a new facility, but we first need to decide what to do with two buildings that are connected to the old Town Hall – that includes whether we keep the frontage of the existing building (the façade).

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Henley Lake

Managing Water

We’ve always taken water from the Ruamāhanga River to fill Henley Lake. The rules are changing and it’s likely we won’t be able to take water from the river in dry summer months in the future. We need to decide whether we keep pushing for an agreement for us to keep taking water from nearby water sources during dry summer months, or whether we adapt the lake to suit lower water levels in summer.

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Skatepark Revamp

Get your skates on

We’ve been working with our skating community about refreshing a much-loved Masterton asset. The skatepark needs urgent refurbishment and we need to decide whether we just do what needs doing now, or take it a step further and start a full revamp

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Have your say about these projects through the online feedback form

We encourage online feedback because it saves on processing costs and time. However, if you’d prefer to email, post or drop in your feedback, you can download a feedback form (PDF, 544KB). Forms are also available at the Council office at 161 Queen Street and the Masterton Library, 54 Queen Street.

We also have a great lineup of prizes you can win including gig tickets, family days out and petrol vouchers. Submit your feedback and you’ll be in the draw.

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What About Rates?

​The three key things we’re asking your opinion on will have an impact on your rates bill, both for next year and going into the future. Even if you don’t own a house, increased property rates will mean higher rent.

The biggest impact on your rates bill is everyday costs. Just like most households, it’s costing us more to go about our day-to-day business.

Because rates on properties are the Council’s main source of income, we need to increase rates to cover these increasing costs. Overall, we’re planning to increase rates by 6 per cent, on average, to take our total income from rates to $34.4m in the year from 1 July.  Here’s why:

It’s costing more to renew and maintain our roads. This is because of the current contracting market and the fact that costs for things like road metal have gone up. We need an extra $690,000 to carry out what we planned.

It’s costing another $333,000 to deliver drinking water to your house,  including the cost of water meters.

Next year it’ll cost us $216,000 more to provide rubbish and recycling services, partly because of the new recycling bin service. Also, fewer people are buying the blue Council rubbish bags.

We think we’ve got a great asset with Hood Aerodrome, but we need to invest in it so it can grow. We’re investing $151,000 to further develop the Aerodrome. We’re also investing in some on-site improvements.

We’re committed to seeing Masterton thrive through economic development and are investing $233,000 extra to help businesses thrive and see jobs created in the Wairarapa.

We also want to know what you think about proposed speed limit changes.

We want to make Masterton’s roads safer for all users and improve the roading network.


Reviewing Masterton’s Speed Limits

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