Henley Lake – Managing Water

The water that fills Henley Lake comes from the nearby Ruamāhanga river. We’ve been able to take water from the river year-round, including when the river is low. The rules are changing and it’s likely we won’t be able to take water from the river during dry summer months anymore.

We have two choices: we can try to keep trying to take water to fill Henley Lake from nearby water sources during dry summer months. It could cost us up to $600,000 trying to reach an agreement on this. Another option is that, instead, we accept that the level of the lake will drop in summer and spend $350,000 to start making the lake look better with more plants and boardwalks.

We know Henley Lake is important to our community and provides recreational opportunities. That’s why our preferred option is to try and reach an agreement where we can still take water to fill Henley Lake in the summer.

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