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Annual Plan 2022-23

Annual Plan

The 2022/23 Annual Plan has now been adopted and is available now.

Annual Plan 2022-23 (PDF, 3MB)

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See a summary document of everything on this page, and a few more details around the external drivers for change:

Annual Plan Information Document (PDF, 10.4MB)

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While there are no significant or material changes to our work programme, some variations have been identified. Key changes include:


  • Animal Shelter Redevelopment – this will now be completed in 2022/23 due to delays with the design work. The capital spending and loan funding will be carried forward.
  • Hood Aerodrome Developments – some aspects of construction will now occur in 2022/23 while the runway extension is dependent on the purchase of land and is now more likely to commence during 2023/24.
  • Property Renewals – a range of renewals that were scheduled in 2021/22 have been deferred and funding will be carried forward.  A lack of contractors to complete the work has contributed to this.


We are forecasting an average rates increase of 6.9%. This is 1.3% more than we projected for Year 2 in the LTP but less than the limit we set in our financial strategy of 7.3%

The key drivers for this rate increase are:

  • forecast rises in roading and urban water supply expenditure
  • increasing costs to deliver services (inflation)
  • changing demand for some services.

We have worked hard to minimise the impact of these external drivers on rates, but the drivers of this increase are a result of external trends and conditions that are out of our control, including COVID-19 implications, economic conditions, inflation and the labour market.

Fees and Charges

For the 2022/23 financial year most fees and charges are increasing by no more than the rate of inflation.  Key exceptions include:


  • Solid waste – fee increases reflect the increase in the Government’s waste minimisation levy and the inflationary impacts on our operational costs.
  • Regulatory services – some fees are increasing by more than inflation to better align with the cost of delivering these services for our community. Fees that are increasing include:
    • fees for food premise verifications
    • licences to operate some businesses
    • noise control call outs
    • removal of abandoned vehicles (charged to the offender)
    • Building Warrant of Fitness fees (for commercial building owners)
    • some building and resource consent fees.
    • Building Services are also introducing new fees to recover the cost of travel to more remote areas of the district and for time invested in assessing minor variations to building consents.
  • Corridor Access Fees – these have not been reviewed for some time and are being adjusted over two years to align with the cost of providing this service.  The new fees will include provision for inspections and administrative time rather than charging for these separately.

Consultation Opportunities

We’re not consulting on the 2022/23 Annual Plan. This isn’t unusual in Year 2 of an LTP as nothing significant or material has changed since we consulted last year.

However, there’s plenty coming up that we’re keen to discuss with our community.

Council projects include:


  • Our Climate Change Action Plan
  • The Local Alcohol Policy review
  • Our regional Smokefree Policy Review
  • The Public Art policy Review
  • Our Rangatahi Strategy refresh
  • The review of the Combined Wairarapa District Plan

Sharing your ideas 

Got ideas you want to share now? Your thoughts and ideas are welcome any time!   

  • You can send us feedback at any time via our complaint, compliment or fix it forms or by calling 06 370 6300.   
  • You are also welcome to drop into our office at 161 Queen Street between 9.00 am and 4.00 pm to tell us your feedback or ideas.   
  • We have set up a service level survey where you can tell us what you would like Council to consider for future plans:  
    • What new or improved services would you be willing to pay more for?    
    • What services would you be willing to reduce to make savings?  

Any feedback received by the end of July 2022 will help shape options for our service-level discussions later in the year.   

Other Information

Three Waters Reform Programme (Better Off) Funding

We will be talking to you about Three Waters Reform Programme (Better Off) funding opportunities.  

The funding is available to support community wellbeing, building resilience to climate change and natural hazards, and housing.  We are currently identifying Council projects and initiatives that meet the funding criteria.  

Once we have completed that work, we’ll be seeking your input to help us prioritise those projects.   

Your feedback will help Council decide whether to apply in tranche 1 and/or tranche 2 – funding is carried forward if we don’t apply in the first round. It will also help to inform planning for the next Long-Term Plan.   

Applications for tranche 1 funding close 30 September 2022, and tranche 2 funding opens in July 2024.   

See more information on the Three Waters Reform Programme (Better Off) funding.

Civic Facility Update 

As part of the development of the 2021-31 Long-Term Plan (LTP) we consulted on funding for the new Civic Facility. At that time the estimated cost of the facility was $30.8 million.   

The latest information we have from the Quantity Surveyor now estimates the cost at $57.14 million, with a recommended construction contingency of $14.2 million, which would lift the cost to $71.3 million.  

Given the latest cost estimates, Council have agreed to undertake complementary work to progress the project, including preparing a cultural narrative and funding strategy. A review of decisions since 2016 will also be undertaken.

This work includes coming to the community to ask them some key questions about the Architect’s Brief Council has received.

The 2022/23 Annual Plan includes provision of $300,000 to enable the new Council to have the ability to consider options and consult further on those.  

Long-Term Plan

Later in the year we will also be seeking your thoughts on the future of Masterton – this will help us shape the next Long-Term Plan.  

We’ll also ask about levels of service for the future – what should Council look at doing more or less of when we review our service levels or have we got the levels right?  

Elections 2022

Remember – Local Government Elections are also taking place this year. This is your chance to stand and vote for Council. This year we are seeking a Mayor and eight councillors.  Search ‘Local Elections’ on this site for more details.

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