Bylaw Review

Masterton District Council adopted the Statement of Proposal for the proposed Wairarapa Consolidated Bylaw on 27 February 2019. Submissions are now open from any interested person or organisation, on any aspect of the proposed bylaws.

Statement of Proposal (PDF, 5MB)


Proposed Wairarapa Consolidated Bylaw

Part 1: Introductory (PDF, 392KB) with tracked changes (PDF, 553KB) 

Part 2: Public Places (PDF, 747KB) with tracked changes (PDF, 981KB) 

Part 3: Sale of Goods or Services in Public Places (PDF, 1MB) with tracked changes (PDF, 910KB)

Part 4: Prevention of Nuisance from Fire and Smoke (PDF, 223KB) (tracked changes not available because previous version has been revoked and replaced with an entirely new version)

Part 5: Water Supply (PDF, 531KB) with tracked changes (PDF, 483KB)

Part 6: Keeping of Animals, Poultry and Bees (PDF, 238KB) with tracked changes (PDF, 217KB)

Part 7: Cemeteries and Crematoria (PDF, 341KB) with tracked changes (PDF, 331KB)

Part 8: Wastewater (PDF, 430KB) (tracked changes not available because previous version has been revoked and replaced with an entirely new version)

Part 9: Trade Waste (PDF, 721KB) with tracked changes (PDF, 712KB)

Part 10: Traffic (PDF, 310KB) with tracked changes (PDF, 313KB) 

Part 10: Traffic Bylaw Appendices (PDF, 362KB)

Part 11: Speed (PDF, 227KB) with tracked changes (PDF, 253KB)

Part 11: Speed Bylaw Appendices (PDF, 505KB)

Part 12: Beauty Therapy, Tattooing and Skin Piercing (PDF, 336KB) with tracked changes (PDF, 348KB)


Proposed MDC Standalone Bylaws

We are proposing that the bylaws below are removed from the consolidated bylaw and continue as standalone bylaws, as they apply to the Masterton district only.

Solid Waste (PDF, 189KB) with tracked changes (PDF, 170KB)

Control of Dogs (PDF, 236KB) with tracked changes (PDF, 220KB)

Water Races (PDF, 901KB) with tracked changes  (PDF, 862KB)

To have your say, you can complete an online submission or download a submission form (PDF, 135KB).

Hardcopies of the Statement of Proposal and submission form are also available from the MDC office at 161 Queen Street or the Masterton District Library at 54 Queen Street. Hardcopies of the proposed bylaws will be provided on request.

View all current bylaws »

Submissions close at 4:30pm on Friday 5 April 2019.

Community Meeting

A community meeting is being held to give the Wairarapa community an opportunity to learn more about the bylaws and share their views with elected members and staff from MDC, CDC and SWDC.

Date: Wednesday 27 March 2019

Time: 6-7:30pm

Location: Masterton Club, 98 Chapel Street, Masterton

This meeting will be run as workshop, to ensure everyone who attends has an opportunity to be heard. All feedback will be recorded and submitted to the Council alongside formal written submissions, for consideration before making their final decision. You do not need to have made a written submission to attend or speak at this meeting.


A joint hearing with MDC, CDC and SWDC will be held to give any person or organisation who makes a written submission the opportunity to be heard.

Date: Wednesday 1 May 2019

Time: From 4pm

Location: Carterton Events Centre, 50 Holloway Street, Carterton

Statement of Proposal for Carterton District Council and South Wairarapa District Council

This review is being undertaken jointly with Carterton District Council (CDC) and South Wairarapa District Council (SWDC).

Each of the three Councils are consulting on the same proposed Wairarapa Consolidated Bylaw. However, to ensure the message to our respective communities is relevant and clear, each Council has developed its own Statement of Proposal.

To view the Statement of Proposal for CDC or SWDC, please visit the CDC website or the SWDC website.