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Hood Aerodrome

Masterton’s aerodrome was opened in 1931 and was dedicated to a young aviation pioneer, Captain George Hood. The aerodrome is predominantly home to recreational and vintage aircraft activity, but also has flight training, skydiving, aerial topdressing services, aircraft maintenance, parachute and hot air balloon repairs, vintage aircraft airshows and the biennial Wings over Wairarapa Airshow. The Hood Aerodrome is the responsibility of MDC and the operations at the aerodrome are managed by an Aerodrome Manager employed by the Council. This involves maintaining the runways, runway lighting, windsocks, roading and lease sites for hangars.

Hood aerodrome is just a kilometre or so off the main highway, so take the time to drive out and have a look. You should check before with the individual operators to see what is happening but as a general guide, weekends are the best time to visit the Aerodrome – particularly over the summer months.

The KittyHawk café is open on Weekends over the summer months and you can watch the skydiving and tiger moth flights from the comfort of your table. Or if you just want to sit and watch the aircraft activities, there are parking areas near the main entrance on South Road and further down South Road at the Aeroclub.

Remember: The “Airside” areas of the aerodrome are off limits unless by agreement with an operator at the aerodrome. Aircraft operate regularly and engines can be started at any time – It can be dangerous to be in these areas.

Report any incidents, hazards and risks.

Hood Aerodrome encourages Incident Reporting, we welcome your feedback concerning incidents, hazards and risks. From the information gathered we can assess and measure risk ensuing a safe operating environment. Use our incident reporting form to report anything related to incidents, hazards and risks.

Flight Training

Flight training is available all year round with the Wairarapa Aero club, weather dependent. Helicopter training is available with Wairarapa Helicopters, they cater to both private and commercial training alongside recreational flying for the keen outdoors person. Amalgamated Helicopters also operate in the Wairarapa region and gliding is available through the Wairarapa Soaring Club

Hangar Sites

An area has been opened up at the aerodrome for hangar development. A concept layout plan is available, but this is subject to change depending on development proposals received. Other sites will also be made available on South Road after relocation of the cross runway.

Applications invited for new hangar sites

Applications are now being accepted for six new lease hangar sites at Hood Aerodrome, as part of the development of the aerodrome in line with the masterplan finalised last year.

The sites are 30m wide and 45m deep, and interest for aviation-related activity is invited.

Applications close at 5pm on 27 May 2022.

For information contact Hood Aerodrome Manager David Hayes at [email protected] on or phone 027 606 0190.

Hood Aerodrome Hanger


The aerodrome hosts a number of different clubs onsite that welcome new members and expressions of interest:

Wairarapa Aero Club
Wairarapa Flying Tigers

Hood Aerodrome Gliding Club: Michael O’Donnell 0212794415


Skydive Wellington is based at the aerodrome and welcomes one time jumps, training and sport jumpers.

Landing Fees

General aviation aircraft not using the terminal, sealed taxiway and apron (deemed to be under 5,201kg). Payment of landing fees can be made with the following details:

03 0687 0271682 00
Aircraft Call Sign


MCTOW (kg)


Daily Minimum

(GST excl)

 Invoiced Cash

(GST include)

Qtrly Pre-Pay

(GST free)

0-600 and helis $5.00 $5.75 $5.00
601-1,500 $10.00 $11.50 $10.00
1,501-3,000 $15.00 $17.25 $15.00
3,001-4,500 $20.00 $23.00 $20.00
4,501-5,200 $25.00 $28.75 $25.00


  • The above are daily charges per aircraft for 5 or fewer landings within the day. The 6th & following landings per aircraft within the day are charged at 20% of the daily minimum.
  • Hot air balloons will be charged a launch fee or a landing fee, but not both, equivalent to the landing fee for helicopters.
  • A $10.00 administration charge applies to all invoices less than $20.00 per month.
  • A tow plane and glider will be charged for the tow plane only.
  • “Touch and go” practice landing circuits will be charged as one landing only.

A discount for general aviation aircraft equivalent to GST will apply for the following:

  • Cash on the day (honesty box).
  • Pre-payment quarterly in advance.
  • Self generated schedule of landing charges by large volume users.
  • Scheduled and chartered services

It is assumed that aircraft larger than 5,200kg will use the sealed runway, sealed taxiway and apron. Terminal charges are excluded.




Per Landing

(GST excl)

5,201-5,999 $65.00
6,000-9,999 $70.00
10,000-14,999 $120.00
15,000-19,999 $170.00
20,000 and over  $220.00

Parking Fee

For long term stays (one month or longer) or local aircraft parked on land that is not leased:

$45 per month plus GST or $500.00 per annum plus GST per aircraft.

Domiciled Aircraft

Users of aircraft domiciled at the airport (with the exception of commercial operators who operated scheduled services) and other regular aerodrome users may pay the following annual fees in lieu of landing charges.

Annual landing fee


Helicopters and Microlights $80.00 plus GST per aircraft.
Individuals and Non-Commercial Owners $160.00 plus GST per aircraft.
Commercial Operators $480.00 plus GST per aircraft.
Model Aircraft Club $320.00 plus GST for all aircraft.
TVAL $960.00 plus GST for all aircraft.
Wairarapa Flying Tigers $480.00 plus GST for all aircraft.
Wairarapa Amateur Aviation Group $480.00 plus GST for all microlights.



The aerodrome is home to the largest air show in the North Island, Wings over Wairarapa, it is internationally renowned and takes place biennially.

The National Aerobatics Championships are held at the aerodrome every year in February/March dependent on weather. More information can be found on the Aerobatic Club Facebook.

Flying a remotely piloted vehicle in the Wairarapa (RPAS or Drone)

Flying a drone or remotely piloted vehicle (RPAS) can be a lot of fun and provide significant benefit to the community.

These remotely controlled aircraft have tremendous capability and can be purchased at low cost. The exponential growth in the numbers operating in New Zealand means safety is an important consideration for ALL operators.

Before operating an RPAS in the Wairarapa you must understand your obligations and the rules to ensure safe operation.

If you intend to operate an RPA over council land or within 4 kms of Hood Aerodrome or the Helipad at the Hospital you must have approval from the Airport Manager.  You should email at least 24 hours prior with the completed application form scanned and signed.

The contacts are;

Hood Aerodrome: David Hayes – [email protected]

Hospital Helipad:  Bernadette Cloutman –  [email protected]

Information about RPAS can be found at Airshare.

Adventure Aviation at Hood Aerodrome

We offer a wide variety of activities at Hood Aerodrome including flight training, Tiger Moth flights, Gliding and Skydiving.  We offer a unique environment with a large open airfield with well-maintained grass and sealed runways.  The calm air without controlled airspace is ideal for recreational and vintage aircraft flights and the mountains to the west offer world class gliding in “The Wave”.

Contact the organisations listed here for more information:


Air Training Corps (No. 21 Squadron)

(06) 377 0493 or (027) 436 6986

PO Box 650, Masterton

Wairarapa Model Aero Club

[email protected]


Skydive NZ

[email protected]

(06) 879 7393 or (0800) 759 348

PO Box 1494 Hastings

Wellington Gliding Club

[email protected]

(06) 370 8090 or (021) 073 0021

PO Box 221 Masterton

Wairarapa Flying Tigers

[email protected]


Wairarapa Aero Club

[email protected]

(06) 378 7309

Hood Aerodrome, South Road Masterton

    Strategic Advisory Group

    At the November 2018 meeting, Council agreed to establish a Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) for Hood Aerodrome and approved its Terms of Reference (ToR).

    The Masterton District Council Chief Executive has appointed Garry Goodman as the Chair of the SAG. Garry was previously the Chief Executive of Palmerston North Airport and is currently a national councillor for the Automobile Association and on the board of the Chatham Islands Airport. Garry provides consultancy services through his company called GRG Consultancy. Garry is actively involved in the Airports Association (NZ Airports) that represents airports and aerodromes in New Zealand.


    Ian Collier
    Ian is a Board Director and business advisor, previously working at Air New Zealand as Regional Affairs Manager, responsible for managing all of the airline’s stakeholder relationships, including airports, throughout New Zealand. Ian has had a long association with the Wairarapa, and he has some exciting ideas for the future direction of aviation at the Hood Aerodrome.

    Robin Dunlop
    Robin has extensive transport and aviation knowledge. He was involved in previous initiatives to attract an airline to Masterton and understands local issues. He is a member of several boards and is currently the Chair of Destination Wairarapa. Robin was previously the Director of a central  government agency.

    Craig Bowyer
    Craig is a pilot, owns a hangar at Hood Aerodrome and operates a consultancy business that monitors pasture growth for farmers. He is the vice chairperson for the local Automobile Association. Craig will provide constructive and valuable input from the perspective of a user on the aerodrome.

    Anna Nielson
    A recent appointment as the General Manager, Destination Wairarapa Anna was previously co‐founder and a director of Wellington On A Plate and was involved in Toast Martinborough.

    Standard Operating Procedures

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