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Local Governance Statement

This Local Governance Statement outlines Masterton District Council’s functions, governance structures and key policies and processes, in accordance with Local Government Act 2002 (s.40).

The purpose of this document is to support local democracy by informing the community of the ways they can engage with Council and influence decision making.

The Local Governance Statement will be updated and made publicly available within six months of the local government triennial election and at other times as Council considers appropriate.

Local Governance Statement (PDF, 852KB)

Council Standing Orders (PDF, 5MB)Open this document with ReadSpeaker docReader

Governance Code of Conduct (PDF, 3MB)

Contents of the Local Governance Statement

  • Council’s Function, Responsibilities and Activities
  • Legislation
  • Bylaws
  • Electoral System
  • Representation
  • Members’ Roles and Conduct
  • Meeting Processes
  • Governance Structures
  • Management Structures and Relationships
  • Consultation
  • Engagement with Iwi and Māori Communities
  • Equal Employment Opportunities Policy
  • Key Policy and Planning Documents
  • Official Information
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