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Masterton Monthly Wrap



Message from the Mayor

Encouraging Signs for Term Ahead
The proof of the pudding is always in the eating. It is with that old adage in mind that I stop short of predicting great things for our Council as we head into the new triennium, but the early signs are encouraging, to say the least.

Everybody is on the same page regarding the need to strike up a better relationship with our community and I believe we have already made significant progress in that regard.

As Mayor, I have hosted several meetings with organisations and individuals who have a big stake in making Masterton District something special, and I have been delighted at their enthusiasm for the direction the Council is taking.

Sure, there will be times over the next three years when at least some of them will lock horns with the Council in the decision-making process but at least they will know we have listened to their point of view, and made our judgements with the benefit of their input.

Getting our priorities right is clearly top of the “must do” list as we start to confront the many challenges that will face us over the next three years. That sounds easy enough but it isn’t, as it will invariably mean not only a change of thinking but also a change in funding streams and some projects which were near the top of the old priority list could find themselves downgraded as a consequence. Conversely, of course, some could be given greater importance.

Much has been said and written about the need to enhance our water infrastructure and I wouldn’t think there is one councillor who doesn’t understand just how crucial this has become.

I know it can get to sound like a broken record but there is no quick fix to the situation where heavy rainfall leads to some of our residents having sewage spilling out onto their properties.

However, and I stress this fact, this untenable problem will only ever be overcome if the Council is prepared to spend the money for that to happen. While we are still in the process of finding out exactly what the size of the investment will need to be, we do know it will be significant with a capital S.

I still believe the majority of our ratepayers have an appetite for a new civic facility and the upgrading of our library, providing the all-important measure of affordability is met, and the Council will be making important moves on these projects soon.

On the civic facility I think it worth noting that informal talks we have had with the Masterton Theatre Company regarding their plans for a new arts and performing centre have been cordial. The need to work closely together if the needs of both players are to be met is clearly understood and it will be interesting to see what develops from these early discussions in the weeks ahead.

It should be stressed that the Council will not be making final decisions on either the civic facility or the library without undertaking comprehensive public consultation. Your opinions are set to play a huge role in what direction the Council takes so “watch this space.”

The word “reforms” has been a constant around the Council table for some time now and nothing has changed with the final package for Three Waters still to be delivered and the Future for Local Government and Resource Management Act proposals also open for debate.

In each of these cases central government is the pacesetter, and the $64,000 question is whether the views of local government will be given due credence when it comes to the crunch. It would be nice to take a positive stance in that regard but, frankly, I am not holding my breath.

Same with the speed review changes being proposed through Waka Kotahi. They have created considerable controversy in the Wairarapa – indeed all over New Zealand – but it’s hard to escape the feeling that whatever “tweaks” are suggested by local authorities or individuals, they will have little effect on the decision-making processes.

Maybe, just maybe, we will all be surprised at how all these “reforms” pan out. After all, Christmas is just around the corner and if ever councils needed a present which really stokes our fires it is now.

And, talking of the festive season, can I take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Roll on 2023!


New Year Alcohol and Vehicle Bans
To ensure everyone has a great time at the beach this summer, road closures and alcohol-free zones will again be in place at both Castlepoint and Riversdale.

  • Alcohol-free zones: 6pm Friday 30 December 2022 until 6 am Sunday 1 January 2023
  • Road closures: 4pm Saturday 31 December 2022 until 6 am Sunday 1 January 2023

People living within the road closure areas, or renting accommodation, may be asked to provide proof of address to gain vehicular access.

Vehicle use within the road closure areas is also prohibited to ensure the safety of people enjoying the beach.


Riversdale Beach Community Plan

The Riversdale Beach Community Association and the Riversdale Beach Community Plan Working Group are developing a Community Plan for Riversdale Beach, with the help of the Masterton District Council.

A Community Plan represents the voice of the community: a living document that will help guide future decisions and prioritise projects the community wish to address over a 10-year timeframe. It will highlight common goals and aspirations, help locals understand what is important to their community, and what needs to be protected, enhanced, and improved.

Have your say by completing a survey by 3 February 2023, available on this website ( or drop off a hard copy at Riversdale Beach Dairy, Surf Life Saving Club, or Riversdale Beach Golf Club.

Pothole Work Part of Pre-Holiday Road Focus

More than 200 potholes on rural roads have been repaired in the run-up to Christmas and New Year, with a focus on preparing popular routes for the traditional influx of travellers.

Masterton District Council’s roading team has worked hard to repair road surfaces and clear debris where required, particularly on the Masterton-Castlepoint, Blairlogie Langdale, and Homewood Roads.

A retaining wall has been completed to repair a drop-out at Kerosene Ridge on the Blairlogie Langdale Road, with the road back to two-lane operation in time for Christmas. Final work on the road surface in this area will be carried out in the New Year.

Additional speed calming measures have been installed in Riversdale, in areas of recent subdivision development that had previously not had traffic calming measures.

In Masterton, work on the new Colombo Road bridge (pictured below) is currently two months ahead of schedule, with completion now expected around April-May next year.

Check Out the Christmas Lights

Looking for a great way to entertain the kids before bedtime in the run up Christmas?

Why not take a tour of some of the fantastically decorated homes and businesses in Masterton – viewable from the street.

Download a map to the decorated houses on the Council website ( – search ‘Christmas in Masterton’).

To keep up-to-date and report issues, download Antenno from your Apple App Store or Google Play store.

Holiday Hours and Rubbish Collection

Office Hours
Queen Street Office, Waiata House, and the Masterton District Library are closed midday Friday 23 December, opening Monday 9 January.

Wairarapa Archive re-opens in new premises at 3 Albert Street on Monday 16 January.

Rubbish and Recycling
All transfer stations are closed on Christmas and New Year’s days.

Masterton Transfer Station is open from 10am to 4pm on December 26 and 27, and January 2 and 3, and normal hours all other days.

Riversdale Transfer Station will operate as normal – Sundays from 1:30- 7:30pm, and Wednesdays from 1:30 to 4:30pm. Castlepoint Transfer Station will operate as normal – Wednesdays 9am-noon, and Sundays 11am to 3pm.

Masterton kerbside rubbish collection will be one day later in the weeks following Christmas and New Year.

Riversdale and Castlepoint will have twice weekly kerbside collections on Mondays and Fridays, from 23 December until 27 January.

What’s On

Friday 23 December
12noon Council’s Queen Street and Waiata House offices, and Masterton District Library close

6pm Friday 30 December – 6am Sunday 1 January
Beach alcohol ban in place

4pm Saturday 31 December – 6am Sunday 1 January
Beach road closures in place

Monday 9 January
9am Council’s Queen Street and Waiata House offices, and Masterton District Library open

Monday 16 January
1pm Wairarapa Archive opens in new premises at 3 Albert Street

Friday 3 February
4.30pm Riversdale Beach Community Plan surveys close

Wednesday 15 February
3pm First Council meeting of 2023



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