Council Projects

This page contains information about the Council’s projects and plans for the District.

Civic Centre Development

The Council is currently exploring the viability of a new civic centre following the closure of the town hall. 

Town Centre Revamp

We’re building on extensive consultation with the community to take Masterton’s Town Centre into the future.

Water Meters

Water meters are being installed across the Masterton District to help us measure water use and detect leaks.

Park and Open Spaces

The major focus in the next ten years is to contribute to upgrading of sports facilities.

Hood Aerodrome

Maintenance of the aerodrome is a key safety requirement that involved resealing the runway and making adequate lighting available.

Queen Elizabeth Park

Queen Elizabeth Park has undergone five stages of development with the fifth and final stage currently underway.

Solid Waste

Our focus is on reducing the amount of rubbish taken to landfill which we have done by opening a resource centre to redirect useful items back into the community.


Find information on roads, footpaths, street lights, roadside planting and cycle ways.

Water Supplies

Water main and connection renewals have been programmed over the next ten years at a total cost of $19.9 million.

Biodiversity in the Wairarapa

This page combines biodiversity information for the three Wairarapa District Councils; Masterton, Carterton and South Wairarapa.

Library Learning Centre

$5 million has been allocated by the Council to develop the Masterton Library as part of the 2018-28 Long-Term Plan.

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