Central Business District & Village Concept Upgrades

On 8 August 2018 Council adopted the Town Centre Strategy and committed to investing $3.63 million to inject more life and vibrancy into our town centre. Plans are underpinned by the Strategy which sets the results we want to see from investment in the town centre.

Want we want to see is:

  • Better integration of the Waipoua River into our town centre
  • Better connection between our key assets, such as the Railway Station
  • More of a centralised hub for retail and cafes, to avoid our centre spreading out
  • More natural landscapes and plantings throughout the town centre.


Download the full town centre strategy:


Download the initial concept designs »

Download the developed designs »


The project is spearheaded by an internal project team and a reference group made up of local representatives who speak for different parts of the community.

Your reference group members are:

  • Jonathan Hooker: Council (Chair)
  • Graham McClymont: Council
  • Bex Johnson: Council
  • Tirau Te Tau: Ngati Kahungununu ki Wairarapa
  • Mike Kawana: Rangitane o Wairarapa
  • David Kernohan: Heritage Advisor
  • David Hedley: Retail representative
  • Sam Ludden: Arts community representative
  • Aaron Slight: Community respresentative
  • Sandy Ryan: Community representative
  • Brad Dobson: Boffa Miskell (Design)
  • Marc Bailey: Boffa Miskell (Design)
  • Helen Baggaley: Boffa Miskell (Design)
  • Andrea Jackson: Council (Senior Leadership)
  • Aaron Bacher: Council (Project Manager)

The representatives are there to reflect the views of the community so you can contact them at any time to make yourself heard.


Village Concept Neighbourhood Upgrades

In 2016, Masterton District Council undertook a redevelopment of the public areas of First Street, Lansdowne between Opaki Road and Cooper Street.

Specific improvements included:

  • Undergrounding of power and telephone cables
  • Installing decorative street lights with LED lamps
  • Narrowing of street and introducing bump areas to slow traffic
  • Creating a community green space and seating area
  • Improving carparking area
  • Introducing paved area and cycle park outside café
  • Introducing paved area with seating alongside green space

The improvements are a combination of routine road maintenance and specific upgrades identified from the Lansdowne Neighbourhood plan as detailed in Masterton District Council’s Annual Plan.

The aim was to deliver a vibrant community centre that is attractive to business, residents and visitors with a ‘heritage’ design style. The development was based around the concept of a village green – a place for people to shop, rest and gather. Traffic-calming measures reduce traffic speeds to increase safety.

The Lansdowne Neighbourhood Plan was initiated in 2013 and the redevelopment added to the annual plan in 2014 as a result of a submission from a community group (the Lansdowne Working Party). The concept plan was presented to the public via a community fair in March 2015 and approved by Council at the meeting of the Policy and Finance Committee on 16/09/15. Final design was approved in January 2016 and contractor engaged in March 2016.

Masterton District Council awarded the tender for works to infrastructure contractors Higgins Group. Concept design for the development was carried out by Calibre Group subsidiary Spiire Consulting and final design completed by Masterton District Council in consultation with the Lansdowne Working Party, Lansdowne residents and retailers via Connecting Communities Wairarapa.

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