Library Learning Centre

The Learning Centre – Te Puna Ako, offers new programmes and enables larger groups to go through existing programmes. It is also helping us understanding what services and programmes are popular in our community.

In 2019 construction began on a vacant site next to the library in Queen Street as an extension of the existing library constructed from three relocatable buildings. It enables more people to take part in popular programmes such as coding, lego and Minecraft groups and support the introduction of new programmes. The centre also houses Fab Lab.

Community Facilities and Activities Manager, Andrea Jackson, says the start of construction is an exciting milestone.

“Our current library is bursting at the seams and we have to limit the number of people that can take part in some of our popular programmes because we simply don’t have the space,” “The Library Learning Centre – Te Puna Ako will also enable us to test demand for some new ideas that we have in mind as well as increasing the level of service we currently provide our community,” 

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