Queen Elizabeth Park and Grandstand


QE Park Rejuvenation Project Stage 5

Construction is about to get underway on the fifth stage of the Queen Elizabeth Park Rejuvenation Project. Starting in Feb 2019 work will focus on the area of the park along Memorial Drive and the Lake of Remembrance. Construction is divided into four zones, starting on the Coronation Hall (Park café’) side of the lake. Each stage will take approximately two months, with completion during Summer of 2019/2020.

The lead contractor is Higgins. The project includes:

  • improved overall accessibility around the lake;
  • separation between pedestrian and vehicle activity;
  • softening the lake edge;
  • providing better park furniture such as seating and tables;
  • better connections with the park and surrounding areas.

Happening in tandem with Stage Five is the Queen Elizabeth Park Grandstand Refurbishment Project, scheduled to commence in April 2019.

Grandstand Upgrades

Alterations to Queen Elizabeth Park Grandstand include new changing rooms, ablutions and earthquake-strengthening work. Work is expected to start in April 2019 and be completed January 2020.

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