Solid Waste


We have allocated $335,000 in 2015-16, from our landfill closure provision, to cap the landfill at Nursery Road. This final cover and planting is required by the resource consent.

Also in 2015-16 we plan to install a roof over our transfer station to reduce the amount of litter that gets blown away and to address odour issues. This work will be loan funded and we have set aside $200,000. Loan servicing and repayments will be funded from rates.

We hope to reduce the amount of waste being transported to the landfill by improving recycling and resource recovery. We are planning to setup a resource recovery centre, with the capital costs to be funded from depreciation reserves. We have made provision of $303,000 over 2016-2018 towards a resource recovery centre that will sort and repair items that are reusable and on-sell them. We have allowed $30,000 per year (plus inflation) from rates, to subsidise the annual operating costs of this facility.

We currently truck our waste to Bonny Glen in Marton and our contract with them expires in 2018. We can renew our contract with Bonny Glen, but we need to ensure that this is the most cost-effective option. Over 2015-2017 we have allowed $86,000 to investigate our options, including considering alternative providers and the potential to establish a local or regional landfill.

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