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30 March 2021

Nearly $90,000 in community wellbeing, events, and COVID-19 sports grants have been approved by Masterton District Council’s Awards and Grants Committee.

This includes nearly $50,000 in Community Wellbeing grants, more than $17,000 in Community Events grants, and $21,000 in the COVID-19 Sports Grants.

Committee Chair Gary Caffell said the awards were a sign of outstanding work by many groups in the community.

“As is always the case, the committee had to make some tough calls – we had some excellent applications, and presentations by passionate people who have the community at heart,” he said.

“It is inspiring to see the great work people are doing, many of them volunteers, to help make life better for others in the district.”

Grants approved by the committee last week included the second round of Community Wellbeing Grants.

Community Wellbeing

Age Concern Wairarapa – $6,000 Funding towards the materials, overheads and office costs to provide group activities, outings, events, and cooking classes for men in the Masterton community.

Digital Seniors – $2,000 Funding towards recruitment costs for 2-3 new volunteers due to increased demand

Divine River NZ Trust – $2,000 Funding towards the costs of the coordinator liaising with our Masterton district community organisations for the SEWstainable project on reducing menstrual waste, period poverty and social stigma linked to menstruation.

Learning Disabilities Association Incorporated – $500 Funding to cover the operating expenses of telephone, internet and LDANZ membership.

Masterton Young Citizens Club – $4,400 Funding to purchase three items of gym equipment  due to increased membership, as a result of COVID-19 in the Elite fighting team and Box-Fit classes.

Shear History Trust – $12,000 Funding towards the operational expenses of the wool shed tourist attraction which also houses the Jubilee Fire Engine museum and Council’s steam roller in the Stewart-Weston gallery.

Victim Support Wairarapa – $2,000 Funding to assist towards the costs of the Volunteer Support Worker Programme in the Wairarapa to enable volunteer recruitment, expenses, and training and towards the Service Coordinator for the community.

Wairarapa Multi-Sport Stadium Trust – $10,000 Funding towards repairs and maintenance of the all-weather pitch located in Memorial Park for the continuation of participation in various sports and activities by young people and adults throughout the Wairarapa.

Wairarapa Parents Centre – $3,000 Funding towards the Baby and Your facilitator and travel costs and the facilitator for the CPR courses.

Alzheimer’s Wairarapa – $1,100 To assist with first aid training for staff and volunteers.

Crisis Pregnancy Support Wairarapa Trust – $3,000 Towards operating expenses of the new premise in the heritage building Hessey House.

Wairarapa Community Centre Trust – $3,000 To meet the shortfall in expenses due to the demand in the provision of meals to the community.

Community Events

 Wairarapa Film Festival – $9,710 Towards the expenses to hold a Wairarapa Film Festival from 12‐ 16 May 2021 at the Regent 3 Cinema.

 Approved by staff under delegated authority:

Castlepoint Fishing Club Incorporated – $3,000 To hold the annual Castlepoint Fishing Competition on 8-9 January 2021

 OW Tapine and M Blake – $950 To hold 10 music and singing events for the elderly and community to 30 April 2021.

Tinui Horse Sports – $1,462 To hold the annual East Coast calendar events on 12 February 2021 at Peaks Road, Tinui.

Wairarapa Railway Modellers Incorporated – $2,800 To hold the biennial Wairarapa Railway Modellers Exhibition from 14-15 May 2021.

COVID-19 sports grants

Masterton Squash Club – $1000 For running costs for Learn to Play sessions.

Wairarapa Cricket Association – $10,000 Provision of Sport Specific opportunities to the Wairarapa Community via organisation and operations of cricket as the lead organisation of a fundamental movement skills approach to increasing physical activity for all.

YMCA Central Inc – $10,000 For staffing costs (sports coordinator, referee costs), venue hire, gear, and equipment, with leagues free in 2020, post-COVID‐19, leading to a 50 per cent increase in registrations in Terms 3 and 4, 2020.