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6 June 2019

Masterton District Council will decide on the next steps for the Town Centre Revamp project later this month as final developed designs are received.

Designers Boffa Miskell have been working closely with Council staff and the Town Centre Reference Group to refine designs for Park, Bruce and lower Queen Streets.

The final designs in this phase (developed design) have been received and include an increase in parking in some areas, removing features that weren’t supported and modifying specific areas in collaboration with business owners.

The Town Centre Reference Group consists of community representatives, Council staff and Elected Members. Chair, Masterton District Councillor Jonathan Hooker, said a lot of work had been done over the last six months and it was pleasing to reach a point where designs could be taken back to the full Council.

“Parking has been a concern among stakeholders and, because of this, we’ve delved deeper into Masterton’s parking capacity and demand.

“That exercise has shown us there is demand for some additional parking around lower Queen Street on the busiest days, but other areas including Bruce and Park Street are fairly well serviced with numerous carparks within walking distance.”

The Council is investigating areas around the Town Centre where parking can be increased, such as along Park Avenue, or how existing carparks may be optimised.

“We’ve worked hard to balance concerns around the changes with trying to achieve the objectives for each of the three priority projects,” Councillor Hooker said.

“That includes bringing more greenery into town, encouraging east-west foot traffic and providing spaces for people to enjoy our town centre.”

Councillor Hooker said the Reference Group was continuing to seek feedback from stakeholders, which will be provided to the full Council at its next meeting to help it decide on how to progress.

The decision may include progressing on to the next design phase (detailed design) with just one project. Alternatively, it could decide to progress more than one project through detailed design.

Main changes in latest design

Bruce Street: Parking added on south side, removal of container outside ConArt, reconfiguration of ramp and seating area on the corner of Bruce and Dixon Streets, addition of canopy outside i-Site.

Park Street: Reconfiguration of Park Street/Dixon Street corner to assist with petrol tanker access into Parkview, lowering and removal of planted areas to improve sight lines into businesses.

Queen Street: Addition of parks by changing some parking back to angled parking, loading zone added near corner of Bannister and Queen, addition of non-defined parking on eastern side of Queen.

Download the full detailed designs at


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