Council Re-organisation

The Local Government Commission has issued a final proposal for a Wairarapa District Council. This would replace the existing Masterton District, the Carterton District, and the South Wairarapa District Councils. You can view the final proposal document here.

Summary of key features

(More details can be found in the final proposal document and the Commission’s decision paper)

  • The Wairarapa District Council would become a territorial authority.
  • Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) would continue to be the regional council for the Wairarapa. GWRC would continue to carry out its current roles and responsibilities.
  • There would be a new Wairarapa Committee of the GWRC to strengthen Wairarapa input into regional council issues affecting the district.
  • The Wairarapa District Council would have a mayor and 12 councillors. The mayor would be elected by voters from across the combined district. The councillors would be elected by voters of each of seven wards.
  • There would be five community boards centred on each Wairarapa town. There would be a total of 21 elected community board members.
  • There would also be a Māori standing committee and a rural standing committee.

For a full overview of the proposal, the details, and what happens next visit the Local Government Commision’s website.