VOTE 2019 – Local Body Elections

Local government decisions impact how you live your life in Masterton. Fact. The Masterton District Council makes decisions about water, roads, footpaths, playgrounds and parks, to name just a few.

In October 2019 Masterton voted for who it wanted making the big decisions about the district. Results of the election will be available below.

Read the Masterton District Council’s 2019 pre-election report.

Requested information

The following information was requested by candidates in the 2019 local body elections.

Masterton Library and Town Hall usage

According to the data, the Town Hall (excluding Frank Cody Lounge) was hired on 72 days in the Year Ended June 2016.  Over the same period in the previous year, the Hall was hired for 77 days, and in the year prior, it was hired on 79 days.  The number of days hired has been in decline since the 103 days recorded in the YE June 2013.

In the year to the end of June 2019 more than 160,000 people visited the Masterton library. Usage of the online newspaper and magazine service PressReader increased from 2,973 publications accessed in 2017-18 to 13,516 accessed in 2018-19.

Wellbeings funding and expenditure

A breakdown of wellbeings expenditure and funding as planned for the 2019/20 year is available here.

Dog pound and euthanisations

Information requested related to dog pound correspondence between Masterton and Carterton District Council elected members and staff, costings of a joint dog pound and a Masterton District Council dog pound, as well as the number of dogs euthanised in the last two years. 

Information is contained in the following files:

LGOIMA response

Email correspondence

Emails CDC MDC (redacted)

MDC Building Consents

In terms of building consents our goal is to deliver a timely service and one of our performance measures is about ensuring consents are processed within statutory timeframes. More detailed information on this measure can be found in our 2018-28 Long Term Plan (pg. 117-118)

Here is a link to the 2017/18 annual report (pg. 77 to 80) . We are currently working on our 2018-19 annual report, which is scheduled to go to the Inaugural council meeting in October for adoption.

Information is also contained in:

  1. The last non-financial report to the Audit & Risk Committee meeting on 21 August 2019. Update reports also go to the Strategic Planning and Policy Committee meetings, these are available on our website
  2. Excerpts from reports to Council’s Strategic Planning and Policy Committee, which provide an overview of the IANZ audit of BCA.
Waiata House costs and budget

In June 2019 Council considered a paper regarding the budget for Council staff moving into Waiata House. (Item 18 on the agenda).

The minutes from that meeting were reported to the next Council meeting. The minutes reflect that the Council approved “expenditure of up to $655,000 for the Waiata House move, including the procurement of furniture and equipment via a contracted procurement arrangement and notes that this is an increase of $200,000 over the provisional project budget…”

The original budget included in the Plan for 2018/19 was an estimate prepared prior to taking possession of the building.  The following information is contained in the report to council.  The first line is the budget that was estimated, the breakdown under it was the projected costs including design and requirements based on that design as well as moving costs.

Waiata House Budget

Masterton households and voting returns
  1. Total number of households in the Masterton district, urban and rural
    • Urban Households:  7654
    • Rural Households:   2626
  1. A list of the return dates of voting papers for the 2016 and 2013 election:
    2016 Returns 2013 Returns 2010 Returns
23-Sep   0.00% 0.21% 0.19%
24-Sep   0.00% 4.14% 0.20%
25-Sep   4.14% 7.61% 5.19%
26-Sep   6.87% 10.59% 9.29%
27-Sep   10.21% 13.60% 13.01%
28-Sep   10.21% 13.60% 13.01%
29-Sep   10.21% 13.60% 13.01%
30-Sep   12.39% 16.53% 15.45%
1-Oct   15.04% 20.71% 18.42%
2-Oct   19.52% 23.07% 22.77%
3-Oct   21.88% 25.70% 25.55%
4-Oct   23.94% 27.72% 27.12%
5-Oct   23.94% 27.72% 27.12%
6-Oct   23.94% 27.72% 27.12%
7-Oct   26.25% 29.48% 29.92%
8-Oct   27.84% 33.92% 36.14%
9-Oct   34.08% 37.02% 36.29%
10-Oct   36.87% 41.00% 41.77%
11-Oct   38.74% 43.92% 48.59%
12-Oct   43.55% 48.97% 54.44%
  Total: 43.55% 48.97% 54.44%


Fix-it form statistics

Masterton District Council can advise the following;

  1. 126 fix-it-forms were received during the period 1st July 2018 to 30 June 2019 compared to 7,051 service requests for that period. Service requests can be received via phone, face to face, email or post.
  2. The average response to the person who submitted a fix-it-form is 2.5 calendar days and the average time for the issue to be fixed was 18 calendar days. The average includes some complex requests and days counted include weekends. The majority of fix it forms are responded to within 1 day and over half the issues are resolved within a week.
  3. There is one fix-it-form that has not yet been resolved and this fix-it-form remains open from April of this year.   This request has been placed into a work schedule for action.