VOTE 2019 – Local Body Elections

This October is YOUR CHANCE to have your say and vote for who you want representing your views at the Council table.

See who is standing for Mayor, Council, and community trusts here and Wairarapa DHB here.

Masterton District Council makes decisions that impact your everyday life; the footpaths you walk on, the roads where you drive, the water in your shower and the parks, libraries and swimming pool where you take the kids. It’s also about culture, sports events and economic, environmental, social and cultural development.

We live in a democracy with the freedom to choose who makes the decisions about our towns. Don’t miss your chance to make your voice heard by voting. All the info you need about the elections is below, including key dates not to miss to make sure your vote counts.

Take a look at our pre-election report to get up to speed on all the big issues facing Masterton District Council.


Voting is an easy three-step process.

  1. Check if you’re enrolled to vote at If you’re not enrolled you can still vote by visiting a special voting booth during the voting period (see below).
  2. If you’re enrolled your voting papers will arrive in the post. Fill them out by ticking the candidates you want to be on the Masterton District Council. You can tick up to 10 names for Councillors, plus another tick for who you want to be Mayor. If you only want to vote for one person, just tick their name.
  3. Post your completed papers using the prepaid envelope provided or drop it into the Council office at 161 Queen Street. Voting papers need to be posted before Saturday 5th October or dropped into Council before 12 noon 12th October

Special votes: If you missed the cut-off date for enrolments, you can still vote by visiting one of the special voting locations that will be listed on this page from September 1. A special vote can also be made if you are on the unpublished roll, you haven’t received voting papers after Wednesday 25 September, you will be away during the voting period or you have spoiled or damaged your voting papers.

If you pay rates on property within the council area but live outside that area you may be eligible to enroll as a ratepayer elector. Download a copy of the ratepayer enrolment form hereOpen this document with ReadSpeaker docReader.


Key dates for the 2019 elections are:

From 17 July – Elections will be advertised and nominations called

19 July – Nominations open

16 August – Nominations close at midday

16 August – Enrolments close. People whose enrolment papers have not been received by this date will need to cast a special vote.

20 September – Voter packs mailed to electors. Voting opens.

5th October – Voting papers need to be posted to ensure they’re received by 12th October.

12 October – Voting closes at midday. Progress result asap thereafter.

By 17 October – Official result released

From 17 October – Official result advertised.

Warwick Lampp

Electoral Officer

Ph 0800 398 683 or email [email protected]


Nominations for local government candidates were open 19th July and closed 12noon 16th August.

The list of candidates is available here.

Deciding to stand for local Council is a big decision. Find out more about what’s involved or download the Candidate Handbook.


Masterton District Council AT LARGE

Masterton District Council MAYOR

Masterton Community Trust

Montfort Trimble Foundation

Masterton Trust Lands Trust

Wairarapa District Health Board

Specific information about standing as a candidate for the Wairarapa DHB can be found here.

Requested information

The following information has been requested by candidates or people who have signaled an intention to stand for Council in the 2019 local body elections.

Masterton Library and Town Hall usage

According to the data, the Town Hall (excluding Frank Cody Lounge) was hired on 72 days in the Year Ended June 2016.  Over the same period in the previous year, the Hall was hired for 77 days, and in the year prior, it was hired on 79 days.  The number of days hired has been in decline since the 103 days recorded in the YE June 2013.

In the year to the end of June 2019 more than 160,000 people visited the Masterton library. Usage of the online newspaper and magazine service PressReader increased from 2,973 publications accessed in 2017-18 to 13,516 accessed in 2018-19.

Wellbeings funding and expenditure

A breakdown of wellbeings expenditure and funding as planned for the 2019/20 year is available here.