Strategic Leadership Team

The Strategic Leadership Team consists of a seven-person strong team to cover facilities management, infrastructure, leadership, finance, strategic planning, communications and human resources. 

Chief Executive

Kathryn Ross

Kath is responsible for advising the Council on policy, managing the Council’s total operations and is the link between the elected members and the staff. [email protected]

Assets and Operations Manager

David Hopman

David is responsible for the Council’s major operational and infrastructural assets.

[email protected]

Manager Strategic Planning

Tania Madden

Tania is responsible for providing leadership for strategic planning, policy development and implementation whilst overseeing the management of Council’s regulatory functions.

[email protected]

Manager Finance

David Paris

David is responsible for revenue policies, finance management and information systems.

[email protected]

Manager Community Facilities and Activities

Andrea Jackson

Andrea is responsible for the Council’s Community Development and other community policies and initiatives. As well as the operational management and customer service delivery of Masterton District Council’s Parks and Facilities Department. [email protected]

Manager Human Resources 

Vicki McLachlan

Vicki is responsible for managing Council’s recruitment and selection, employee relations, and training and development. 

[email protected]

Communications and Marketing Manager

Shanna Crispin

Shanna oversees both internal and external communications including digital marketing, media and strategic communications.

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