Council Mission Statement

  • To manage and develop resources so as to ensure the environmental, cultural, social and economic well being of the district and its people.
  • To ensure regular and consistent appraisal of the effects of the Council’s policies and decisions on the community and the environment.
  • To ensure the provision of equitable, appropriate services and facilities which reflect the needs and aspirations of the citizens of the district, while taking into consideration the economic climate of the time.
  • To ensure the effective and efficient management of the Council’s services and resources, for the benefit of the district, while fostering appropriate development and wise land use.
  • To stimulate the participation of citizens of all cultures in the processes of local government and to ensure that the Council’s policies and activities are well and widely promoted and explained.
  • To promote the economic prosperity of the Masterton district.
  • To promote, develop and support healthy community processes and particular activities, encouraging group and individual participation in these.
  • To observe the principle of equal opportunity for all the Council’s employees, and to ensure an absence of discrimination in employment practices.
  • To take into account the principles of the treaty of Waitangi.

Masterton seen from the air