Valid petition, poll date for Wairarapa District Council

MEDIA RELEASE – 12th September 2017   The Local Government Commission has today received confirmation of a valid petition for a poll on its proposal for a Wairarapa District Council and a postal vote will be held closing at midday on Tuesday 12 December.   Commission chair Sir Wira Gardiner said that the Commission was Read More
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Draft Cycling Strategy 2017 and Draft Rural Trails Network Plan

We Want to Hear From You! Masterton District Council is seeking feedback from the community on the Draft Cycling Strategy 2017 and Draft Rural Trails Network Plan.
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Joint Wairarapa Council Press Release

Wairarapa Councils Work Together to Assist Edgecumbe Recovery In May the Whakatāne District Council unanimously approved the ‘Liveable Homes’ programme, which is designed to ensure that all homes damaged in April’s floods can be repaired to a habitable standard, regardless of owners’ personal circumstances. ‘Liveable Homes’ is a key initiative for the Whakatāne District Read More
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Smokefree Policy

Masterton District Council adopted the revised Smokefree Policy at their meeting on 28 June 2017. The key change from the previous version of the policy is that Council has expanded the number of places that are designated as smokefree. The focus of the policy is on promoting a positive smoke-free message, rather than enforcement. Read More
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Final Proposal for a Wairarapa District Council

The Local Government Commission have released their final proposal for local government in Wairarapa. It is proposed that a combined Wairarapa District Council be established, with one Mayor and Council to cover Masterton, Carterton and South Wairarapa and The Wellington Regional Council would be retained. Visit the Local Government Commission website for a full Read More
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Shaping Our Future – 2016/17 Annual Plan.

The 2016/17 Annual Plan is Year 2 of the Long Term Plan (LTP) that Council adopted last year. Read More…

Latest Annual Report

Download the latest annual report. Read More…

Wairarapa Gambling & TAB Board Venue Policies

The Carterton, Masterton and South Wairarapa District Councils have reviewed the Wairarapa Gambling. Read More…