Council Projects


Town Centre Strategy


On 8 August 2018 Masterton District Council adopted a strategy for its town centre. The strategy sets the scene for investment in the town centre, with key objectives for investment.

Read the Executive Summary (PDF, 4.56MB),   or download key parts of the strategy below.


Introduction (PDF, 5MB)

Analysis Part I (PDF, 3.8MB)

Analysis Part II (PDF, 4.98MB)

Engagement (PDF, 4.04MB)

Initiatives Part I (PDF, 7MB)

Initiatives Part 2 (PDF, 10MB)

Initiatives Part 3 (PDF, 9MB)

Initiatives Part 4 (PDF, 6.1MB)

Action Plan (PDF, 5.04MB)


Read our Q&A (PDF, 247KB) or visit our dedicated microsite for more info.


Other key projects


The Council is always embarking on projects to improve infrastructure and access for all of its ratepayers. Choose any of the topics below to see what developments have been made.


Biodiversity in the WairarapaSolid Waste
Central Business District & Village Concept UpgradesTransport
Parks and Open SpacesWater Supplies
Hood AerodromeCivic Centre Development
Queen Elizabeth ParkLibrary Learning Centre