Central Business District & Village Concept Upgrades

Central Business District Upgrade – Stage 2

Masterton District Council has set aside $3.86 million for road and streetscape upgrades as part of the CBD upgrade in 2017-2019. We intend commencing the redevelopment with a review of the uses within the CBD, and the inclusion of a combination of new street furniture, plantings, artwork, lighting, green space and mobility changes. The scope and timing of this redevelopment will be subject to consultation with the community.  

Village Concept Neighbourhood Upgrades

We have been impressed with the village concept work that has occurred in communities in Porirua and have made provision for similar projects in Masterton. Lansdowne neighbourhood streetscape upgrades are scheduled for 2015-16. This is partially funded from the urban roading subsidised programme. The non-subsidised work of $183,600 is proposed to be funded by borrowing and undergrounding of power in the area is also proposed, funded from a loan and reserves. From 2016-17 $100,000 per annum (inflated) has been allowed for an on-going programme of neighbourhood improvements around the town, funded by urban rates. The aim is to encourage meeting places, pride and to make areas safer for pedestrians and vehicles. Closer neighbourhood links will also enhance resilience increasing our ability to respond to adverse events or effects. We expect changes to have a positive impact for retailers in these areas too, mostly small locally-owned businesses. Improvements might include green space, seating and slowing traffic. Under the village concept, landowners and residents are expected to contribute funds and/or labour or materials in-kind value to support local projects. The alternative is to maintain current levels of service with potential for our neighbourhoods, and their retail areas, to become less attractive and over time ceasing to provide for neighbourhood engagement and community spirit. Check out the Long Term Plan.