Civic Centre Development

Masterton’s combined town hall and district building was closed in June 2016 due to having an earthquake rating below the required standard. In 2017 we asked you for options for the town hall; two-thirds of those that responded indicated they would prefer to see a new centre built. As a result of the consultation, in its 2018-28 Long-Term Plan Masterton District Council decided:

“to proceed with building a new civic centre. Future work will be undertaken regarding what this will look like and the location. This will include considering options on the current site and options to retain the existing façade with the replacement of the current town hall. Further consultation will be undertaken on the final proposal.” The Council committed $15.5 million to make a new civic centre a reality within the next three years (by mid-2021).

In 2019 the Council has been exploring the costs and benefits of building a new civic centre. Armed with more information about potential costs and likely demand, in June 2019 the Council agreed to consult with the Masterton community on its preferred option after the local body election in October. Information related to this research is provided below.

We have a dedicated website to keep you up to date on all the town centre work, here you can join our community forums and find out more about how to tell us your opinions. 

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