Parks and Open Spaces

The major focus in the next ten years is to contribute to upgrading of sports facilities. Ongoing rejuvenation of Queen Elizabeth Park is planned.

Cricket and netball facilities will be supported with funding to upgrade their buildings and playing facilities. This work is planned in Years 2015-2017 with the total $700,000 funded from depreciation reserves and general capital funds. Both projects assume contributions from the clubs and external sources. Further provision for other projects of $380,000 is included over the ten years of the plan.


Queen Elizabeth Park Rejuvenation

Queen Elizabeth Park rejuvenation, funded by reserve contributions and loans, has been allocated $675,000 over Years 1 to 4. The project is intended to progressively renew and enhance the Park.



We plan to extend our off-road recreation trails network, such as along river banks, with provision of $267,000 over 10 years funded from our reserves funds. In 2015-16 we will investigate rural district network trails that will link into the national network with provision of $259,000 as seed funding over Years 2016-2018. We will be seeking to work with other parties, seek other community funding, and possibly government funding, for this project. The extension will increase opportunities for people to be more active, capitalises on our attractive environment and has the potential to provide for cycling tourism. The alternative is to undertake no further work on cycle recreation trails which would ignore attractive opportunities to increase recreational opportunities and attract visitors.


Mauriceville & Riversdale

Over 2015-2017 we will remove pine trees, install underground cabling and a water tank at Mauriceville Domain at a cost of $40,000.
We will also remove pine trees and landscape the Riversdale Northern reserve at a cost of $30,000.

You can read the Council’s Long Term Plan.