Queen Elizabeth Park


Queen Elizabeth Park Stage 4 Development


Queen Elizabeth Park Stage 4 Development (PDF, 1,001KB)
Memorial Drive and Lake of Remembrance (PDF, 1MB)
Pioneer Cemetery (PDF, 371KB)
Tree Audit (PDF,


Queen Elizabeth Park Re-Development


Rejuvenation is now in its 3rd phase. This stage includes work in the area from Park Avenue entrance, along the cemetery boundary and aviaries, on to the cafe and bowling greens. Click on the link below to see a concept plan detailing the works being done:

Stage 3 Redevelopment (PDF, 361KB)


Queen Elizabeth Park Concept Plans

These plans are for the first stage of the Redevelopment Project. They focus on rejuvenating the Rose Garden and developing a promenade along the Dixon Street frontage.

Concept Plan (PDF, 951KB)
Rose Garden Development Design (PDF, 684KB)