The Council

The Masterton District Council consists of the Mayor and 10 Councillors. These positions are subject to election every three years. The Mayor is elected at large over the whole district with one councillor elected from the rural ward, four councillors elected from the urban ward and five councillors elected at large.

Ultimate responsibility for all the District Council activities rests with the Council. The Council decides the range of services and activities to be provided, sets the policy for these services and activities, delegates the implementation of these to staff, and monitors their performance. While the Council has at times considerable freedom and opportunity to exercise its initiative in deciding its aims and policies, it must do this within the laws, regulations and requirements set down by Central Government.

The Mayor and Councillors are also involved in a wide range of contacts with outside organisations.

The Committee Structure.

Decision-making for the Council policy and general control of district operations occurs within a programme of formal meetings. The Council and its Standing Committees meet regularly and special purpose sub-committees meet as required.

Council (Quorum 6)

Meetings of the Council are held on a six-weekly cycle on a Wednesday in the Frank Cody Lounge of the Masterton District Building. Special meetings may also be called as required. Apart from the main committees, there are also sub-committees, special committees and task groups.