COVID-19: Council Services

but Essential services to continue:

  • Provision of drinking water
  • Wastewater treatment and disposal
  • Water testing
  • Kerbside rubbish collection as normal
  • Kerbside recycling collection suspended until after Easter while we ensure a safe protocol is in place for pick-up and processing – this includes Riversdale and Castlepoint.
  • Transfer stations, including Castlepoint and Riversdale, are open only to essential services only (as per list here)
  • Toilets are closed to the public – but Queen Elizabeth Park Exeloo and Tinui toilet open for essential services.
  • Hood aerodrome – open for essential services
  • Animal Services – We will respond to dog attacks, aggressive dogs, and roaming stock. Animal Services will attempt to pick up contained dogs only if we cannot reunite owners remotely. When calling, please let us know if the dog is wearing a registration tag or identity tag. In the case of roaming stock, please advise when calling if you know where stock belongs or who it belongs to. If you have a lost dog, please register it on our website here or by phoning Masterton District Council on 06 370 6300.
  • Burials
  • The sale of rubbish bags will continue through supermarkets.
  • Emptying of roadside rubbish bins.
  • Essential roading maintenance and repair, including clearing gutters to prevent flooding.
  • Building inspections related to essential services.

Non-essential Council services that will continue to be available include:

  • Provision of LIMs, PIMs and the processing of building and planning consents
  • Payments (through online banking and direct debits – no cash)
  • Environmental Health queries will be recorded and assessed on a case-by-case basis

Non-essential Council services that are no longer open or available include:

  • Masterton Library
  • Wairarapa Archives
  • Trust House Pool and Recreation Centre
  • Community Halls
  • Playgrounds (you can use public spaces, but please be mindful of physical distancing)
  • Building inspections not related to essential services.

Contact: for essential service requests, call our After Hours number on 06 378 7752.

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