Council Strategies

Council has adopted a number of strategies to help guide decision-making and set strategic goals for the growth and development of the town in line with the relevant legislation. 

He Hiringa Tangata, He Hiringa Whenua

He Hiringa Tangata, He Hiringa Whenua is the first strategy that MDC has developed that has a specific focus on our people. It sets out the long-term strategic direction for the Masterton/Whakaoriori district across four development areas: social, cultural, environmental, and economic. For each of the four development areas a framework has been created for the work we do to ensure we are focusing on the right things for our community.

Arts, Culture and Heritage Strategy

The revised ACH Strategy 2019-24 reflects priorities that are important to our iwi and community in terms of strengthening the identity of the Masterton District, supporting communities to identify and lead exciting ACH projects, and facilitating opportunities for the community to connect, perform, create, learn, and express.

Wairarapa Economic Development Strategy

Wairarapa Economic Development Strategy [WEDS] was developed to maintain momentum in the region’s economy and plan for a future which allows for growth.

Masterton Cycling Strategy 2017 (PDF, 4MB) 

Masterton District Council supports cycling, and to that end has had a Cycling Strategy since 2009. This year, it has reviewed its strategy, and published a new Cycling Strategy 2017. Cycling strategies are important because a wide range of different types of actions, working together, are necessary in order for cycling in Masterton to be attractive and safe.

Wairarapa Positive Ageing Strategy

The Wairarapa Region Positive Ageing Strategy was developed by the three Wairarapa councils to prepare for the region’s rapidly ageing community.  The aim of the Strategy is to help them achieve positive outcomes through leading valued, connected and fulfilling lives.

Town Centre Strategy

On 8 August 2018 Council adopted the Town Centre Strategy and committed to investing $3.63 million to inject more life and vibrancy into our town centre. Download the full town centre strategy:


Masterton District Housing Stocktake (PDF, 5.3MB) 

The Housing Stocktake brings information together from a variety of sources to ‘paint a picture’ of Masterton’s housing situation.  It has been prepared by Masterton District Council in conjunction with Connecting Communities Wairarapa.

The Stocktake is the first stage of research towards the development of a housing strategy for Masterton. It  describes the strategic context for Masterton’s housing, with a summary of the various research reports, policy changes, and other interventions being introduced at the national, regional and local level.  The Stocktake provides an overview of the current state of Masterton’s housing sector and looks at the current demand for, and supply of, housing in the district.  It also identifies key stakeholders in the sector and discusses their current housing capacity.

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