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Gordon Street Roadworks

Gordon Street is currently seeing work undertaken on it as part of a nearby development. Some issues have arisen that will be addressed by the developer over coming weeks. This page outlines work that is about to be undertaken.

Roadworks are often weather-dependent or can be affected by supply and resourcing issues – something many industries are facing with the advent of COVID-19. We will be updating this information weekly to allow those impacted by the roadworks a better understanding of what is coming up, when it is due to be completed, and where timeframes have had to slip due to circumstances outside Council or the contractors control.

The chart below outlines activities and the planned timeframes for these to be complete.

Please note the contractor will shut down for Christmas on 24 December 2021 and will resume work on 10 January 2022

Update for Week Beginning 17 January 2022

Scheduled to begin or continue next week:

  • Continue to dig out road to subgrade and carry out testing from RP 0 – 400
  • Continue placing and compact metal ready for road surfacing from RP 0-400
  • Commence construction on retaining wall


  • Wet Weather events have constrained the contractor’s ability to prepare the planned section of road for sealing last year. The whole sealing programme has now been shifted to early this year.
  • During excavation of the road, the contractor encountered patches of subgrade layer softer than what was designed for. In order to provide structural strength to the subgrade layer, additional geogrid material (structural reinforcement) had to be procured, which had taken some time to arrive. The material has arrived, and contractor has now resumed construction of the road. This has impacted the overall construction programme which has been updated to reflect this.


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