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20 January 2023

Masterton District Council has closed the small learners’ pool at the rear of the Trust House Recreation Centre today due to safety concerns after roofing was found damaged.

Manager Community Facilities and Activities, Corin Haines, said he was disappointed that the pool had to be closed – but public safety was paramount.

“Last week, a person or a group of people appear to have tried to climb over the rear pool roof. We initially thought a few roofing panels had been damaged but, on inspection, have found that the structural integrity of the roof appears to be compromised.

“We will need to address this before we can allow people to use the pool. A structural engineer will give us a report, at which point we will know when the pool can be safely reopened.

“The other pools will remain open and we ask pool users to note signs in place, and to avoid that part of the centre.”