12th December 2017

Masterton District Council will be undertaking major public consultation in the new year regarding the future of the Town Hall and municipal building, with all possible options on the table for discussion.

Mayor Lyn Patterson says that it’s vital that such a significant decision is made with community support. “The future of our Town Hall and municipal building is one of the most important decisions facing this council and it will only be made following close consultation with the community,” she explained.

“The cost estimates we have obtained indicate that strengthening the existing structures or building a new performing arts and events centre will both be around $15 million. We have asked the Masterton public which they would prefer as part of our current Long-Term Plan pre-engagement survey, and those responses will help to shape our major consultation next year.

“In the meantime, some preliminary work is being undertaken to establish what options exist, so we can ask our community how they would like to proceed. One possibility is the development of the existing Town Hall and / or municipal building into a boutique hotel, with a new events and performing arts centre being built alongside. We have received some expressions of interest from Wellington developers who are keen to explore this option.

“We have also begun discussions with representatives from our performing arts community regarding their future needs. We could potentially turn the existing building into an events centre, or build a new structure on the site which might also be used for conferences.

“There are plenty of options to be considered, and nothing has been ruled in or out at this stage. We need to get this right, which is why the community consultation process will be vital in guiding council in the right direction.”