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14 August 2020

Masterton district residents have given Masterton District Council an overall thumbs-up in a satisfaction survey conducted in March-April this year.

Parks, reserves, and green spaces were star performers, receiving a satisfaction level of 81 per cent, as did the kerbside recycling collection. Kerbside rubbish collection, and the library and archive both received 79 per cent satisfaction.

A total of 52 per cent of respondents rated the council 7-10 out of 10 when it came to overall performance, and there was 64 per cent satisfaction with services and facilities.

A satisfaction level of 45 per cent for value for money indicated an area of focus for the future, Chief Executive Kath Ross said.

“We haven’t done a satisfaction survey of this kind recently, so these results provide a useful benchmark on which to measure our progress in future,” she said.

“Our staff put a lot of effort into the work they do for the community, and I think that is reflected in many of the satisfaction results, though there will always be areas where we can improve.”

The satisfaction survey was carried out for the first time this year by Key Research, with 3000 invitations posted to Masterton residents randomly selected from the electoral roll, and 579 responses received.

Reputation was surveyed by the same company in 2018, and has seen an overall improvement this year. Reputation is rated on a scale of 1-150, and compared to 2018 results, MDC rated 73 across all resident groups, up from 68. A score 60-79 is considered acceptable, with more than 80 rated excellent.

Highest levels of satisfaction were for:

  • parks, reserves, green spaces – 81 per cent
  • kerbside recycling collection – 81 per cent
  • kerbside rubbish collection – 79 per cent
  • library and archive – 79 per cent
  • sports fields and playgrounds – 72 per cent
  • green waste drop-off points, transfer stations and recycling services – 72 per cent
  • cleanliness of streets in general – 71 per cent

The full satisfaction survey is available here.