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15 November 2018

Masterton residents are being urged to let its local Council know how they think family, friends and visitors should be welcomed into town.

Traditionally, Masterton District Council has planted bright bedding plants in the traffic islands approaching the roundabouts at both the northern and southern ends of town.

This summer the Council has opted not to replant the bedding plants going into summer after assessing the costs involved.

Manager of Community Facilities and Activities Andrea Jackson says it was difficult to guarantee the ability to water plants during summer.

“Rather than spend ratepayer funds on plants that may end up dying, we opted not to replant the beds and instead have a conversation about what the longer-term plan is,” Ms Jackson said.

“The plant beds require more than 100 baths full of water every week over summer – we can save that water to help ensure Masterton has a healthy supply of water.”

Masterton is one of the last districts in the country that has retained bedding plants as a main feature.

“We think now is the time to ask our community what alternatives they may prefer,” Ms Jackson said.

“We know that permanent plants are ten times cheaper to plant and maintain than the colourful bedding plants. Perhaps an option is a move towards more drought-tolerant plants with a mixture of colourful public art.”

Masterton District Council is keen to hear from the community about what alternatives could be explored. Feedback can be shared through the MDC Facebook page, short survey or by emailing [email protected]