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Mataikona Road Project

Masterton District Council is working with roading engineering company Stantec to develop long-term options for the Mataikona Road. The project is led by Masterton District Council in partnership with Waka Kotahi, and working with hapū and iwi, and the community.

This webpage will be updated to show progress and opportunities for community involvement. As part of the project, we are meeting with key stakeholders, including hapū and iwi, as well as the wider Mataikona community, to discuss options and approaches.

Community meeting – 3 September 2022

Another good turnout at Saturday’s community meeting, with around 60 attending.

Stantec is working to develop a business case, and as part of that must consider in the first instance all possible alternative options.

The business case will ultimately form the basis of an application for funding (to Waka Kotahi). The expectation will be that all options have been considered. That includes options that may not be viable due to either cost, community impact, land availability, or cultural impact.

As set out at the meeting, the range of options considered were:

Options 8, 9 and 10 are not equitable to all communities along the road, are expensive and are not considered acceptable to the whole community.

 Options 5, 6 and 7 are considered unaffordable.

Options 1 and 2  (“Do nothing” and “Do minimum”) are considered insufficient to meet the needs of the community.

The business case will to focus on a combination of options 3, 4, and 5 in specific parts of the road.

The following slide, showing indicative economics of the options, was also part of the presentation on Saturday.

Deteriorating access dates: The dates are an indication of the estimated lifespan of each option, after which it is likely that the road would not be returned to its pre-damaged condition after a damaging event.

 Disruption column: This is an estimate of how frequently road users should expect disruption compared to what happens now. Note that disruptions are likely to increase regardless of the options that are implemented because of (among other things) the expected increased frequency, duration and scale of events over the coming years.

  Next steps:

  • The community will provide their feedback by 22 September.
  • Stantec will report their findings back to Council in the coming month.
  • Council will then confirm the preferred option to be investigated in more detail.
  • Investigations will include direct discussions with anybody directly impacted by that preferred option to ensure it is feasible.
  • These more detailed investigations into the preferred option will then be presented in a business case for a likely Council decision on next steps around March 2023.

This is updated presentation to the 3 September meeting can be seen here.

Have Your Say

If you have feedback on the options, complete a Options Feedback Form (PDF, 171KB) or fill out the online form below. The closing date for feedback is 22 September 2022. Hard-copy feedback forms can be posted to Masterton District Council,  PO Box 444. Masterton 5840, or dropped at the Council office at 27 Lincoln Road, Masterton. Note: An earlier version of the form referred to the road being ‘abandoned’. This wording has been updated to better reflect what would be a limit to the type of vehicles able to use the road if it were not maintained.

Mataikona Road Feedback

Do you have a preferred option?
What is the earliest date you would consider acceptable for the level of service to be reduced, limiting the types of vehicle that could use the road?
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Get in Touch

Got a question about the Mataikona Road project? Send us a message here and we’ll find the right person to respond. If you would like to receive email updates,  please email us with your contact details. 

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