Staff Survey

Working at Masterton District Council – Staff Survey


As a Council we are more aware of, and focused on, the environment we work in and in delivering value for our community. Our Community Outcomes guide our work and we have made a commitment to invest in the four well-beings through people development (economic, cultural, environmental, and social / community), whilst ensuring we continue to provide a reliable and well maintained infrastructure.

Focusing on our Community Outcomes means we are changing the way we work, including how we are organised to deliver our work. Examples of this are establishing a projects office team to provide management and staff with support for the implementation of projects we are undertaking; reviewing jobs in our teams to make sure we are working in a way that supports our ‘community-led, Council supported’ model, with less Council control and more engagement and education; focusing on professional practices and performance accountability for both our staff and our contractors.

As well as changing our current teams where it’s appropriate, we have added new staff and brought more of our services in-house, for example, management of the Hood Aerodrome, so we can deliver value for our community.

We have also introduced more rigour around our people practices, ensuring we balance best practice with the environment we work in. This has provided us with a framework within which we can build a high performance culture.

Change inevitably brings uncertainty for people, but it also brings challenge and we regularly reflect on the progress and changes we have made. One of the ways in which we reflect is through hearing what our own staff think about working at Council, and staff surveys provide valuable feedback and insights to identify both positive aspects of the workplace, and those that need work.

We have run surveys for a number of years. The results of these surveys are trended against the previous surveys. A new Chief Executive and senior management structure in 2014 gave better results than experienced previously (e.g. 2012) and with the increased emphasis on improved business practice and further staffing restructuring, the 2015 results had returned to 2012 levels.

Our most recent survey conducted in March 2017 shows a significant upward trend across every result area. Additionally our results when benchmarked against the local government sector average, shows we are above this benchmark in every result area.

Our latest results show we are making significant progress in making Masterton District Council an employer of choice, and we are proud of the positive workplace culture in our team. We will continue to focus on our strengths, and challenge ourselves through continuous improvement to look for new and innovative ways to make Masterton a great place to live, visit, and do business, and deliver on our Community Outcomes.


Staff Survey Report 2017 (PDF, 553KB)

Staff Survey Results 2017 (PDF, 83KB)