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Masterton District Council has responded to public submissions and agreed a lower increase in dog registration fees, down by up to $12 per dog on increases proposed in the draft Long-Term Plan fees and charges.
The increases are an average of around 16 per cent, down from proposed increases averaging around 26 per cent.

The new fees for 2021/22, due by 30 June 2021, are:

  • Urban neutered – $95 (2020/21 $82)
  • Responsible owner (25 per cent discount) – $71 ($61.50)
  • Urban entire – $157 ($136)
  • Rural 1st dog (including working dog) – $95 ($82)
  • Rural 2nd dog and subsequent (including working dogs) – $25 ($22)
  • Breeder permit holder – $95 ($82)
  • Dangerous neutered – $143 ($126)

These fees will deliver revenue covering 80 per cent of the costs of animal services, leaving 20 per cent of costs to be funded by rates.

The Council received 24 submissions on the proposed increases to the animal services fees and charges, all but one specifically related to dogs. The majority opposed the proposed increases to fees, which were based on 85 per cent of the costs of animal services being covered by the fees.

At yesterday’s extraordinary Council meeting, councillors responded to submissions by voting to reduce the size of registration fee increases.

  • The increases in fees reflect:
  • borrowing costs for the replacement of the animal shelter
  • inflation adjustments
  • the level of work involved with impounded animals
  • the inflationary adjustments that were not passed on last year when the Council chose not to increase dog registration fees as part of its COVID-19 response.

Fees must be paid in full by 31 July to avoid penalties.
The Council has a range of payment options available, including paying off registration fees in weekly payments.
These are set out on the Dog Registration page, or dog owners can contact the Animal Services team on 06 370 6300 for more information.