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Riversdale Beach Community Plan

Riversdale Beach Community Plan

What Is This Project?                                                                       

The Riversdale Beach Community Association and the Riversdale Beach Community Plan Working Group are developing a Community Plan for Riversdale Beach, with the help of the Masterton District Council.

A Community Plan represents the voice of the community: a living document that will help guide future decisions and prioritise projects the community wish to address over a ten-year timeframe. It will highlight common goals and aspirations, help locals understand what is important to their community, and what needs to be protected, enhanced, and improved.

The Community Plan is about what the community can do itself and advocate for, and what the community would like to see Council do in partnership with the community and other organisations. It is not about creating a list of projects that we ask Council to do. It’s more than just looking at garden maintenance and rubbish. It is an opportunity to reflect on what is special about Riversdale Beach: what are our strengths, what do we do well, what are our concerns and challenges, and where we are heading.

Why We Are Creating a Community Plan

It has been over 10 years since a plan looking at the Riversdale Beach community’s needs and aspirations was developed. Over the past 10 years, our community and lifestyles have changed, with new ideas, new goals, different challenges, threats, and opportunities. It is time to start a collaborative process to improve our social, cultural, environmental, and economic wellbeing.

Every neighbourhood and community are unique, each with its own special identity and characteristics. We want to ensure we keep what is special and support projects that are important to Riversdale Beach.

How You Can Get Involved

The Working Group want to hear from anyone who has a connection with Riversdale Beach.

We’ll be carrying out a survey (online and drop box) during the summer up until Friday 10 February 2023;

Drop Box Locations: Riversdale Beach Dairy, Surf Life Saving Club, Riversdale Beach Golf Club

Complete the Short Online Survey 

Complete the Long Online Survey 

There are two surveys you can choose from to give your ideas and feedback;

  1. A short survey (estimated time 5- 10 minutes) to give general feedback if you are short on time
  2. A longer survey (estimated time 20 minutes) where you can give ideas and feedback on four key themes;
    1. Community & Social services, facilities & activities
    2. Environment, character & vibe
    3. Infrastructure
    4. Visitor destination & management

If you would like to be involved with this project, please register your interest by emailing your name and contact details to; [email protected]

How We Are Doing This

A Working Group has been set up to start the project and the process. The key planning steps and indicative milestones are below:

  • Project Set Up – Autumn 2022.
  • Information Collection – Winter 2022.
  • Community Engagement – Summer 2022/23.
  • Sense Making – Identification of key issues, needs, concerns, and opportunities- Autumn 2023.
  • Drafting of the Community Plan – developing a vision, goals, and prioritised actions – Winter 2023.
  • Further Community Engagement – Spring 2023.
  • Council Endorsement – Summer 2023.
  • Implementation

Where the Community Plan Fits In

The Community Plan will be developed and owned by the Riversdale Beach Community and supported and endorsed by the Council.

The Council has many other plans in place, including its Long-Term Plan (LTP), Wairarapa Combined District Plan, and Reserve Management Plans that will provide direction to the community plan. A brief description is provided below.

Masterton District Council’s Long-Term Plan 2021 -2031

  • Outlines Council’s overall direction and expected costs of Council’s activities over a 10-year period.
  • The LTP is prepared every 3 years.  2021 -2023. Intervening years Council produces an Annual Plan.

Wairarapa Combined District Plan

  • Council’s rule book to manage the effects of land use and development on the environment.
  • How Council controls land uses and subdivisions and protects our natural & cultural heritage.
  • Sets out what activities you can do (permitted activities) and what activities you need resource consent for.
  • The Wairarapa Combined District Plan is currently being reviewed, for further information go to:

He Hiringa Tangata, He Hirnga Whenua, My Masterton – Our People Our Land Strategy

  • This strategy sets out the Council’s overarching framework for supporting the people and communities of Masterton /Whakaoriori District in the areas of social, cultural, environmental, and economic development.

MDC Parks & Open Space Strategy & Reserve Management Plans

  • Prepared under the Reserves Act 1977.
  • Guides management and decision-making of parks and reserves owned and administered by MDC.

Community Plans

  • Community Plans are prepared by the local community with support from Council.
  • They focus on improving the social, environmental and economic well-being of their communities.
  • They are the voice of the community and capture a shared vision, needs and aspirations.
  • They highlight key issues and projects the community wishes to address over a 10-year time frame.
  • They highlight key issues and projects the community wishes to address over a 10-year time frame.
  • They help the Council understand what is important to the local community, allowing Council to make informed decisions, prioritising and funding services and activities through the LTP.

The Council can help the community to develop their Community Plan, including helping with the planning process, community engagement, and building relationships and partnerships with other organisations who may be able to help achieve the goals in the plan.


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