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UPDATE: 29 November 2022
As part of the Kitchener Street upgrade, over the coming months Westwood Civil will be extending Kitchener Street through to Gordon Street.

While they carry out this work they will be temporarily closing both pedestrian and vehicle access along Kitchener Street, from French Street to Gordon Street. This also means that they will be temporarily closing the current lime path access from Gordon Street to French Street.

This work is scheduled to start on Monday 14th November 2022, and will continue through into the new year until the new road and footpath are completed. It is estimated this work should be completed by June 2023.

We appreciate your patience while we carry out this infrastructure work.

The alternate route from Kippenberger for both vehicles and pedestrians is back out to French Street and along Roberts Road to Gordon Street.

The alternate pedestrian route from Raglan Street is back out through Market Street onto Gordon Street.

Should you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact Joel on 020 4155 7308.

Please refer to the alternate route maps below.