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Road Closures

Colombo Road at Te Ore Ore Road intersection

10-21 January 2022

People living within the road closure areas, or renting accommodation, may be asked to provide proof of address to gain vehicular access.

Masterton District Council is taking advantage of school holidays to make access to Lakeview School safer for pedestrians.

The project involves construction of a raised platform on Colombo Road, near the intersection with Te Ore Ore Road.

This work will require Colombo Road to be closed at the intersection from 10-21 January.

Access to Henley Lake and Masterton Medical will remain open.

Diversions via Chapel and Dixon Streets will be available for west-bound traffic on Te Ore Ore Road.

Heavy vehicles travelling east on Te Ore Ore Road requiring turning space are recommended to use the school bus turning space near the turn-off to Bideford on the Masterton-Castlepoint Road.



Road closures due to weather or emergency events

Tinui Valley Road at Orere Bridge

Due to a washed-out bridge approach, the bridge at Orere is closed. 

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