Rural Address Numbering

What is a RAPID Number and how are they allocated?

RAPID  numbers  can  be  used  for  any  rural  entrance  that  require  an  address  (eg,  dwellings,  sheds,  yards,  etc,  spread  over  the  property).  RAPID  numbers  will  help  ensure  that  emergency services, visitors, utility operators and contractors can easily locate your property.  The  RAPID System is a  standard numbering  system for rural  properties based on the distance to a property entrance from  a clearly defined reference point.

How can you apply for a RAPID Number?

In  order  to  supply  a  RAPID  number  Council  needs  accurate  information to identify the property and its location.  Please  complete  the  RAPID  number  application  form online  or  you can get  one  from  the Council  office.

Payment is required on application and can be made at our office or using online banking.

Click here for more information about Rural Address Property Identification System (RAPID),