Current Impounds

Dogs that are picked up as stray are housed at the pound by the Council’s Animal Services Team. We ensure that the dogs we pick up are well cared for and fed while in the pound. Current tags, microchips and up to date customer details help the officers to locate the owners as soon as possible. Once an impounded dog has been held for 7 days and not claimed by its owner, the ownership is then transferred to the Masterton District Council.

If you are missing a dog, please contact us as soon as possible to report it missing.

Current Impounds

Impounded: 19th January 2020

Location found:

              Clyde Street   

Sex: M

Size: Small  

Colour: Tan/White

Pound ID: i0004595




Dogs for Rehoming

Got room in the pack for a canine friend? Animal Services occasionally has dogs available for rehoming. Any looking for a new pack will be listed below.

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