Report a Lost Dog

Before you start

Make sure to include a photo of your dog in your report. A photo and microchip details (if possible) are the most useful details for identifying your dog and getting them safely back to you. Please be aware we may impound your dog if it is found wandering.

If you have found a dog please advise us on 06 370 6300 or 06 378 7752 (after hours).

If you find your dog please notify us with a phone call.

If your dog goes missing in the weekend or after hours it must be phoned in, this service is in addition to calling and reporting the dog missing rather than a replacement.

Upon completing this form your details will be sent to our Animal Services team.

Note: Follow these restrictions when saving the file you want to upload:

  • Limit file size to 10MB or less
  • Acceptable file formats include jpeg, jpg, png.

Upload files of type jpg,jpeg or png. Maximum Size 10MB

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