Code Compliance Certificate

Once the project is complete, it is vital to apply for a Code Compliance Certificate (CCC).

The CCC is a very important legal document, and can have an impact on your insurance. If a CCC is not obtained in a timely manner, it can be difficult to sign off at a later date, which can have an impact on selling the property amongst other things.

When phoning to book the inspection, identify it as a ‘final inspection’. During the inspection, important paperwork will also be collected – this can include:

  • Application for Code Compliance Certificate (signed)
  • Electrical completion certificate
  • LBP memorandums of work
  • Drainage as-built

The building inspector will let you know if any other paperwork is required.

The inspector will check that the work completed complies with the approved plans. If everything is ok you will be told, and the CCC will be issued later and posted to you.