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Certificate of Acceptance

If building works have been undertaken without first obtaining a building consent, you can apply for a Certificate of Acceptance (CoA).

A CoA may be issued if the building work was completed by the owner or any previous owner of a property and a building consent was required but not obtained.

A CoA is NOT a retrospective building consent. It will only cover work that council inspectors can visually inspect and confirm as compliant. Certain building elements that are hidden cannot be verified.

Whilst a CoA does offer a method of authorising work that was completed without a consent, the protection offered is not as complete as that offered by a Building Consent.

Costs are invariably higher for a CoA than a building consent would have been, and proving building work completed was constructed to code can be more onerous than getting it approved before starting.

To apply for a CoA you will need to include:

  • A completed application form
  • Copy of plans, this should include a ‘before’ and ‘after’ floor plan.
  • Photographs of works during construction (if available)
  • A description/cover letter stating the extent of works and method of construction used
  • A report from a suitably qualified building surveyor confirming the quality of works.

It is always best to get a building consent before starting works, however if work has been done and a CoA is now required, come in and talk to us.

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