Project Information Memorandum (PIM)

A Project Information Memorandum is a voluntary document you can apply for either in conjunction with your building consent, or prior to the building consent being applied for.

The PIM will list information council knows about the property, and also let you know of any other approvals (such as a Resource Consent) that may be required to enable completion of your project.

If you are unsure if your project will comply with the district plan, a PIM can be a good way of investigating.

Usually only ‘concept’ plans are required – site plan, floor plan, and project description. Detailed construction drawings are not required for a PIM only.

To apply for a PIM, download the appropriate (either Residential or Commercial) application for building consent, and tick the box ‘pim only’.

Not all information will be required for a PIM only. If you need further guidance, please call in to see us at 161 Queen Street between 11am and 2pm, Monday – Friday.