Project Information Memorandum (PIM)

A Project Information Memorandum (PIM) is a voluntary document you can apply for, either in conjunction with your building consent, or prior to the building consent being applied for.

The PIM will list information council knows about the property, and also let you know of any other approvals (such as a resource consent) that may be required to enable completion of your project. If you are unsure if your project will comply with the district plan, a PIM can be a good way of investigating. Usually, only ‘concept’ plans are required – site plan, floor plan, and project description. 

It is issued by the Territorial authority (Council) under sections 32 – 35 of the Building Act 2004 which sets out information relevant to your building work.

It will contain information on special land features, including potential:

  • erosion;
  • avulsion (removal of land by water action);
  • falling debris;
  • subsidence;
  • slippage;
  • alluvium (the deposit of silt from flooding);
  • the presence of hazardous contaminants which are known to Council which are likely to be relevant to the design, construction or alteration of your proposed building;
  • details of stormwater or wastewater utility systems which relate to your proposed building work, or are adjacent to your building site.

A PIM also identifies any additional approvals required such as:

  • Resource Management Act;
  • New Zealand Historic Places Trust (heritage buildings/sites);
  • Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ).


The Memorandum also Includes:

Confirmation, subject to other provisions of the Act that you may carry out the building work subject to the requirements of the building consent, and all other necessary authorisations being obtained. Copies of other information that may have some design impact on your proposed building work like:

  • Drainage plans;
  • Water supply plans;
  • Other utility plans; and/or
  • Any other information that Council holds that is relevant to your project.



A PIM does not give any form of approval under the District Plan or Building Act. Contact the Masterton District Council’s planning department, or your own planning adviser to determine that your proposal complies with the District Plan. If it does not, and resource consent is required, you are strongly advised to obtain this before seeking building consent to avoid possible expensive changes to your proposal.

How to Apply

PIM’s are voluntary. They may be applied for separately or in combination with your building consent. An application for a PIM must be made on the application form available below.

This form must be completed in full, and signed and dated before being submitted. To submit your PIM application, please email to [email protected]. If you are unable to submit your application electronically, please contact the Building Team on 06 370 6300 to discuss your options.

Documentation required

All applications must be accompanied by a copy of:

  • a site plan;
  • floor plan;
  • building elevations;
  • site access; and
  • drainage plan.


How long does it take?

Council is required to issue the PIM within 20 working days of the application being received. In most cases the BCA gathers PIM information in order to process your building consent.

Please note:

Providing all fees are paid, the PIM will be posted or emailed to the applicant when it is issued. If the PIM is applied for with the building consent, the timeframe for issue of both is 20 working days.

To apply for a PIM, download the appropriate (either Residential or Commercial) application for building consent, and tick the box ‘pim only’.

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