Make a Resource Consent Submission

Anyone can make a submission on a resource consent application if it has been publicly notified through the media. In cases of Limited Notification, only specifically identified affected parties are served notice and asked if they wish to submit.

To make a submission, download, print and complete the Resource Consent Submission Form (PDF, 494KB).


Information to include with your submission

Required information will be included in the public notice in the newspaper and in the information sent to you by the Council if you are served notice.

The Council must receive your submission within 20 working days of the notification. The closing time and date will be in the newspaper or notification documents.

If you want to speak about your submission, you will be asked to attend a Council hearing on the application. When speaking, you will need to provide your name, address, and state whether you are in support of or opposed to the application and the relief sought.

All submitters have the right to appeal the Council decision to the Environment Court within 15 days of receiving the decision.

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